DamianaAjkits, Damiana, Hierba de la Pastora (Spanish, ‘plant of the shepherdess’), Hierba del Venado (Spanish, ‘plant of the deer’), Misibkok (Mayan, ‘asthma sweeper’), Old Woman’s Broom, Oreganillo (‘little oregano’), Oreja de Venado (Spanish, ‘ear of the deer’), Pastorcita (Spanish, ‘little shepherdess’)

FAVORITE USE(S): For inducing restful, dream-filled sleep and supporting health

FAVORITE TIME(S): Any time of day, but particularly in the evening

Damiana is a fragrant plant that has been used in Mexico for more than 100 years as a remedy for a variety of different maladies.  It is held in high repute, particularly as an aphrodisiac, but also as a general health supporting tonic.  Damiana is another one of those plants which I discovered when researching non-dream related supplements, and which I later discovered to have potent dream inducing qualities.

Smoking damiana or drinking damiana tea usually brings on a pleasant euphoria and a mild “high” which lasts for about sixty minutes.  Although the primary action of damiana is as an aphrodisiac, it is regularly used to induce dream states, as well.  In order to do this, I generally prepare a cup of damiana tea and drink it just before bed.  I follow this by smoking some of the herbage.  This almost always creates a state of pleasant relaxation and easy sleep, followed by distinct and vivid lucidity within the following dream states.  I have noticed that these dreams tend to have a distinctly erotic overtone, perhaps due to damiana’s effects on the sexual system of the body.

HOW TO PREPARE/RECIPE: Damiana herbage is best prepared as a tea.  Damiana tea is fragrant and has an agreeable aroma and a pleasant taste.  I generally boil 4 grams of fresh or dried damiana leaves in 1 cup of water for fifeteen minutes.  If you are interested in using damiana as a dream inducer, try taking a cup of this tea just before bed, and then smoking some of the herbage just before lying down.  This produces the most potent and noticeable effect. Damiana dreams are both peaceful and often quite sensual, which means they are usually very enjoyable dreams indeed!

Dried damiana herbage can also be prepared as an alcohol infusion or a water decoction.  To create a decoction, boil damiana herbage for up to an hour and then let cool for 24 hours.  Strain out the herbage and take small amounts for health and dream induction.