What if you had the power to manipulate your waking reality by simply thinking of what you wanted it to be?  What if you decided you wanted to fly like Superman, and when you raised your arms and jumped, you were able to?  What if, just by concentrating, you went from standing in the center of New York City to the middle of the Amazon Jungle, and it all was completely, vividly real?  What if you could explore all of the options and possible outcomes of an important decision, in your dreams? Or how about practicing and rehearsing that difficult musical piece in your dreams before you have to perform on stage?

In the world of lucid dreaming, this is all possible, and waking up on one’s dreams can be equally as real as the waking reality that brought you here to this website.  From someone who’s passionate about lucid dreaming as well as raising awareness on the power of our minds to experience a reality that is sometimes more vividly real than our waking reality, I offer this blog.  I have links to sites and herbs and products that will help you unlock the power of lucid dreaming in yourself, and although there are many things that exist to help us on that path, look no further than the “START HERE” section to begin your journey to lucid dreams.

Strangely enough, very few people realize that you can improve yourself, hone your skills, and improve your physical performance by rehearsing important skills while you are dreaming. Visualization has already been proven to be a powerful tool in increasing performance; lucid dreaming takes that concept to an entirely new level as we not only get to imagine what something might be like, we get to experience it in a dreaming world that is indistinguishable from our waking reality.  That truly is the power of lucid dreams, and it’s a power that needs nothing other than your mind, and it’s a power every single one of us has been born with!

This ability to take charge of your dreams is called Lucid dreaming; lucid, from the Latin word Lucidus: to make clear, bright, shining; and dream, from the Old Norse word Draumr: sensations that one experiences in their mind while sleeping. So in a very literal sense, ‘lucid dreaming’ is an individual’s ability to make their dreams clear, to shed light on or to become conscious of their dream world. The modern meaning of ‘lucid dream’ not only refers to becoming conscious of one’s dream, but it also connotes one’s ability to realize that they are dreaming, while they are dreaming, and then being able to manipulate, change, and control their dream world. The possibilities and potential that lucid dreaming present are truly infinite.

If you are reading this then you are probably already aware of the potential that lucid dreaming presents, you may read books, and other articles teaching you tips and techniques that you can employee to improve your ability to become lucid while dreaming. Well, in addition to the mental and physical exercises that are used to induce lucid dreams, there are supplements, herbs, music, light and sound machines that can be used while a person is sleeping that will make it even easier for that person to achieve lucidity while they are sleeping.

Currently, there are many different types of all natural products and herbal supplements available that have been utilized by indigenous tribes across the world for thousands of years; they used them to travel into the dream or ‘spirit’ world and to speak with their ancestors while they slept. Under our ‘Dreaming Herbs – Herbal Products’ tab you will find a comprehensive list of dream herbs, informative articles, science based research and links to reliable vendors that supply all natural, certified organic, raw herbs, herbal supplements, and potent essential oil extracts.

The last few decades, sleep and dream research has made great strides in understand how and why we sleep; as well as improving our understanding of the purpose and necessity of our dreams. Along with this greater understanding of the science of sleep, smart scientists, and engineers have devised machines that use special lights and sounds that help the sleeper achieve lucid dreams more easily. Under the ‘light and sound’ tab you will find the most current information and reviews on dream machines.

Enjoy your time here,
Keith Cleversley