Mugwort Artemisia vulgarisI’m not sure how I missed this powerful dreaming herb all these years.  And, oddly enough, Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) has such a wide range of ritualistic use throughout history throughout the world. has a great article on all of the uses, so wander over to their “Artemisia vulgaris – Mugwort” article to read all about it.

What I’m concerned with are the lucid dreaming and psychoactive uses of Mugwort, especially since it reportedly made a great herbal smoke all on its own.  I took the advice on a personal blog and placed 1/2kg (a little over a pound of herb) in my “dreaming pillow”.  I have to say that despite all of my different tactics and herbs for lucid dreaming (including Calea zacatechichi), this herb was incredible for dream induction.

It’s not terribly aromatic, and I didn’t get any “twilight” imagery as I often do when imbibing in herbs that induce dreaming.  But, unquestionably, without sensationalizing or being over-dramatic, this herb is a godsend of a tool for anyone interested in experiencing vivid dreams.  At times during the night, despite not becoming lucid for any of my dreams, they were quite intensely visual.

Also, there was no particular theme to the heavy visuals, but at one point, I did need to take the pillow off the bed and place it in a corner so I could get back to the task of actually getting some sleep.

I’d love for people to write their experiences here, as I feel as though I’ve discovered a brand new tool for lucid dreaming that may become one of my favorite tools of all time.  I’m going to start experimenting every weekend with several methods, including smoking, tea, and the simple inside the dreaming pillow method.