ChamomileEnglish Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Perennial Chamomile, Camphor Plant, Yellow Chamomile, Dryer’s Chamomile

FAVORITE USE(S): For relaxing and calming mind and body and bringing deep, restful sleep

FAVORITE TIME(S): Just before bed, or any time you feel stressed

Chamomile may seem almost “too easy” as a herb for dreaming.  After all, it is well known for its relaxing effects on the body and mind.  As anyone who has ever had a cup of chamomile tea may know, it does not have any particularly mind-blowing effects.  However, it is incredibly medicinal in many ways and is one of my absolute favorite tools to use both for general health and stress reduction and for its many medicinal benefits.

Chamomile has actually been used both for its scent and its sedating qualities for thousands of years.  The ancient Egyptians said that it was sacred to their god, Ra, and they used chamomile oil to anoint the body for rituals in his honor.  It was also held sacred by the Arabs and the Saxons.  In Medieval Europe it was used to scent spaces and clothing.  If I can find fresh chamomile, I love to dry it and place sachets of it in my clothing drawers.  This creates a beautiful scent that will permeate all of your clothing!

Drinking chamomile tea always has very calming, soporific effects on me.  It also seems to help with upset digestion. Chamomile tea is my favorite go-to tool for calming anxiety, lifting depression, and inducing restful, dream-filled sleep.  I have never experienced any side effects from taking chamomile, and indeed, none have ever been reported.

Chamomile is very relaxing for the mind and body, and is a wonderful tool for inducing a restful sleep.  This makes it a wonderful and addition to any dream herb work, and since it is so mild in flavor and effect it can be combined with other dream herbs very easily.  Chamomile is reported to make individuals sleep more deeply, and the scent can even be diffused as an essential oil to improve sleep and to reduce stress.  The effects of chamomile on lucid dreaming may not be noticed immediately when the plant is consumed on its own, but, as the ancient Greeks understood, this plant does have a strong connection to the dream state, and can certainly assist in lucid dream work, especially in combination with other dream herbs.  There is no reason at all not to have a cup of chamomile tea each evening before bed time, and it may very well make your dreams that much more intense and beautiful!

HOW TO PREPARE/RECIPE: Chamomile is usually taken as a tea, and chamomile tea can be found in even the most understocked grocery store.  If you are lucky enough to get hold of fresh or dried chamomile herbage, simply place some in boiling water for 5-10 minutes and then drink as a tea.  Chamomile tea tastes amazing, especially when sweetened with honey, agave nectar, or any other natural sweetener.

Chamomile herbage can also be steeped in ethanol or another high proof alcohol to make a tincture.  Simply place herbage in alcohol for 1-2 weeks and use a few drops at a time to reduce stress.  Chamomile essential oil is readily available and can be diffused in an oil burner to produce a pleasant, calming scent in any space.