Flying DreamsFlying dreams are a particularly powerful type of lucid dream which are commonly experienced by people all over the world.  At one point or another most individuals will experience a dream about flying.  In fact, flying dreams are among the most commonly reported dream experiences.  Flying dreams can be incredibly thrilling and exciting, but they can also be frightening and unsettling, depending on the circumstances of the specific dream.

When one experiences dream flying that is fully lucid, in which the individual is able to control his or her flight, it usually represents a sense of personal power.  When one is flying in the dream state and is in control, the feeling is often incredibly liberating, exciting and exuberant.  These sorts of dreams come along with an incredible sense of freedom and indicate feelings of openness, and of confidence that one can accomplish anything at all and that one has no boundaries.

On  the other hand, flying dreams in which the individual feels out of control and frightened may indicate several different things.  First of all, dreams like this suggest that one has not yet obtained full control over lucidity in the dream.  If you are flying in a dream but are not fully lucid, you will not have full control over your flight, and this alone can be very frightening, especially if you have not yet come to terms with the fact that you are dreaming.  Dreams like this often seem to turn in to the commonly experienced falling dream, in which the individual realizes on some level that he should not be able to fly, and thus plummets to the ground.

Out of control flying dreams may also indicate that the dreamer is feeling that they are stretching themselves too far too fast, and that they are fearful of meeting with obstacles or of experiencing changes.  If you are regularly having flying dreams in which you are frightened and out of control, try grounding yourself more fully in your every day life.  Establish your own personal boundaries and work to take good care of yourself and your needs.  Then, when you are ready to undertake some transformations in your life, you will be working from a good base and will be less likely to experience fear of change and uncertainty!

Flying dreams in which you are flying with ease may also indicate that you are rising above problems or are becoming liberated from things which are holding you back.  Having difficulty remaining in flight may indicate a lack of control over a situation.  If you experience objects which obstruct flight, such as buildings or trees, this may indicate an individual or an issue that is standing in your way in waking life.  Fear of flying too high may indicate a fear of challenges or of success.

No matter what sort of flying dreams you are having though, they usually seem to occur when an individual is experiencing a state of psychological recovery and is learning valuable lessons about their life.  Usually when I experience flying dreams, they come following very difficult or intense periods in my life.  If I have been depressed for several months, or have been worried about a serious issue that has been difficult to resolve and have just begun to come out of that state or to resolve the problem in question, I will often find that I experience a flying dream.  Even if I am still not in the best state of mind, flying dreams are usually a good indicator to me that my spiritual and psychological states are improving, that I am working towards solutions, growth and transformation, and that I am about to enter a new, improved stage in my life!

Another interesting aspect of flying dreams is that they can both be brought on by lucid dreaming and are capable of leading to lucid dreaming.  As I have discussed in so many other places on this site, lucid dreaming happens when the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming.  Since flying is such an unreal state, it is very common for individuals who are having flying dreams to become lucid because they know that they are doing something that they cannot do in waking life.  After this, the dream can become quite fun, as it becomes very easy to control the speed and height of flight, and it also becomes possible to fly to desired locations in the dream world to visit far away places or to see friends!

Alternately, flying is one of the most enjoyable aspects about learning to have lucid dreams!  After practicing lucid dreaming for some time, you may find that when you become lucid you can fly at will, controlling every aspect of the experience with your awareness!  This can be a little difficult, as the foreign nature of the experience may occasionally cause false awakenings, but it can also be very thrilling and rewarding!
Flying dreams are very powerful, no matter what sort of experience you have of them or how they develop, and I find that it is always very valuable for me to consider my flying dream experiences carefully.  They are almost always trying to communicate something to me that I may not even be consciously aware of!  So enjoy the freedom of flying in your dream states, and let me know in the comments about any flying dreams you have experienced, either recently or in the past!