Dreaming Herbs

There are a number of herbal products available, many of which have been used for more years than there’s recorded history.  Recent press has brought Calea zacatechichi to the spotlight, but that’s just one of a family of different dream herbs that have been known to either enhance dream recall, enhance dreaming, or help to induce lucid dreaming.


Artemisia absinthiumWormwood
Artemisia vulgarisMugwort
Calea zacatechichiDream Herb
Celastrus paniculatusCelastrus Seed
Cympobogon densiflorusLemongrass
Cyperus articulatusPiri Piri
Entada rheediiAfrican Dream Herb
Helichrysum odoratissmumImphepho
Hemidesmus indicusSugandi Root
Humulus lupulusHops
Kaempferia galangaGalangal Root
Lactuca virosaWild Lettuce
Matricaria recutitaChamomile
Ocimum sanctumHoly Basil Seed
Passiflora incarnataPassion Flower
Pogostemon cablinPatchouli Leaves
Silene capensisAfrican Dream Root
Synaptolepis kirkiiUvuma-omhlope
Tagetes lucidaMexican Tarragon
Turnera diffusaDamiana
Valeriana officinalisValerian Root
Verbena officinalisVervain
Withania somniferaAshwagandha