About Me

I’m Keith Cleversley and this is one of my projects.  DreamHerbs is dedicated to bringing you the latest information and scientific research on the importance of sleeping, dreaming, lucid dreams, herbal dreaming supplements, light and sound machines, as well as the latest dreaming books and recordings to facilitate deep states of meditation and contemplation.

At DreamHerbs, I believe that sleeping and dreaming are critical components to living a healthy and fulfilling life. In today’s materialistic and busy world, many people are not only not not getting enough sleep to meet deadlines and get the job done, the power and importance of dreams seems to have fallen by the wayside or thrown into the “new age” bin. Modern research is proving that a good night’s sleep is integral to learning, memory and aging, and dreams may even be the brain’s way of “letting off steam” and healing from stressful days.

Considering that we spend as much a one third of our lives sleeping, it is surprising that very few people know about lucid dreaming, let alone how to have lucid dreams. So, we are devoted to raising awareness about the importance of sleep, educating the community about the lucid dreaming, as well introducing new ways that make it easier to have a lucid dream, with dream machines, meditative music, informative books, and all-natural herbs that promote lucidity.

If there is information, scientific research or any other topics related to lucid dreaming that you do not find on our site, let us know. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest and most accurate information; we are always open to topic suggestions, product reviews and new scientific research, just send us a note. You will find our contact information on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Not sure where to start?  First, check out the “What is Lucid Dreaming?” article to get a clear idea of what exactly lucid dreaming is.  Next, read my article that has been honed down from almost 20 years of experience with lucid dreaming called “Lucid Dreaming Made Easy“.  Honestly, I don’t think there’s a need to read long books with lots of promises.  We all are born with the ability to lucid dream, so it’s just a matter of awakening that potential within ourselves.  My “Lucid Dreaming Made Easy” article gives you all the tools you need, without all the long-winded descriptions that fill most books on the topic.

To make things even more interesting, it turns out that there are more than a few cultures who rely on lucid dreams for divination, as well as a means to contact ancestors.  In Africa, dreams and religion are inextricably linked.

It’s no surprise then, that each of these cultures, throughout history experimented, researched, and learned of plants that could help facilitate the gift of lucid dreams and of increasing dream recall.  We outline every plant we’ve found that’s related to dreaming here on DreamHerbs in a section called “Dreaming Herbs – Herbal Products“.  There are many places to buy these kinds of products from, just go with places that look professional, that look like they’ve been around a long time, and who look busy.  The freshness of dreaming herbs is critical for their potency, so just like busy restaurants who have fresh food simply because it doesn’t sit around long enough to get old, it’s the same for internet shops as well.

Also, avoid herbs for dreaming that are in capsules.  The most potent herbs will always be bulk, raw herbs.  That way, you can also experiment with your own blends of different dreaming herbs.  For me, I prefer a blend of White Lily and Blue Lily in my vaporizer, with a small amount of vervain and valerian made into a tea.  For you, it could be quite different, but that’s the beauty of natural herbs from so many cultures; you have the power to choose from any and all of them to find what works best for you.

Lastly, this website wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of A. Szostek, who helped transfer, update, and sometimes vastly improve articles from our old site.  She somehow turned a mediocre site into an extremely informational website, and she continues to offer behind-the-scenes efforts on this and other sites of ours.

Happy Dreaming,
Keith Cleversley