Entada RheediiAdenanthera gogo, African Dream Herb, Balugo, Dipai, Dream Bean, Entada phaseolides, Entada pursaetha, Entada rheedei, Garambi, Garbi, Gogo, Gogong-bakai, Kakavalli, Kessing, Lipai, Matchbox Bean, Mimosa entada, Mimosaceae Pusaetha entada, Sea Bean, Sea Heart, Snuff Box Sea Bean, Tamayan

FAVORITE USE(S): For facilitating increased awareness and memory during dreams and improving lucid dreaming

FAVORITE TIME(S): Just before bedtime

Entada rheedii is an amazing tropical vine that produces beautiful, large ebony seeds.  Entada rheedii seeds are water tight and have a tiny pocket of air inside them that allows them to float.  Therefore, they can be found all over the world!  These beautiful seeds are not only said to be good luck charms, they are powerful dreaming allies as well!

I was absolutely fascinated when I found out that these large beans were meant to be potent dream enhancing tools.  I did a little research and found out that in South Africa, native tribal healers consume the seeds of Entada rheedii in order to communicate with their ancestors. They believe that eating these seeds improve the ability to remember and recall dreams, and to become aware within the dream states.  Through communicating with ancestors in the dream state, the shamans are able to gain insight and understanding about future events and medical conditions.

Entada rheedii is one of my favorite dreaming herbs to work with.  The seeds are actually pretty tasty, with a flavor similar to macadamia nuts.  The seeds are rich in essential oils which help to lull me in to a serene and tranquil meditative state.  I find that on nights when I consume Entada rheedii seeds, my clarity of mind remains intact as I pass through drowsiness in to the dream state.  I have many more vivid dreams, and find it easy to enter lucid dreaming states as well.  The seed definitely makes one feel drowsy soon after eating it, so it is best to eat just before bed time.  I feel that entada rheedii is a great enhancer of dreams, equal in potency and effect to Calea zacatechichi.

HOW TO PREPARE/RECIPE: Entada rheedii is very easy to consume!  Simply crack open the outer shell and eat the flesh inside!  You can also toast the peeled seed lightly on both sides in a frying pan, which will improve the flavor.  One seed is a sufficient dose for inducing lucid dreaming states.