Cyperus articulatus - Piri PiriAdrue, Chintul, Cyperus corymbosus, Cyperus esculentus, Cyperus tuberosus, Earth-almond, Flatsedge, Ground almond, Guinea rush, Hadrue, Jointed flat sedge, Kashuur, Mandassi, Nuni, Nut Sedge, Nutgrass, Piri piri, Piripiri, Piriprioca, Rushnut, Sedge, Tigernut, Water-grass, Yellow nut-grass, Yellow nut sedge, Zigolo dolce, Zulu nut

FAVORITE USE(S): For creating a calming and sedating effect, and entering deep trance dream states

FAVORITE TIME(S): About thirty minutes before bed

Cyperus articulatus root, also known as Piri Piri, is a magical grass which has been used for centuries by aboriginal tribes throughout South America as a means of entering the dream state and contacting ones ancestors.  The indigenous peoples who use this plant believe that it was given to mankind by the gods to induce dream states so that men could communicate with the gods.  The spirit of the herb is said to enter the body when consumed and will reduce pain and fevers, heal wounds, and help women through labor.  Most importantly, though, shamans drink a tea made from the roots to communicate with the spirit world and to gain wisdom and miraculous healing powers.

When I researched Piri Piri more, I found that it is used both medicinally to treat seizures and epilepsy, and as an additive in Ayahuasca brews.  This is said to make the ayahuasca brew positive, beneficial and healing. I started working with Piri Piri root fairly recently and the effects have been amazing, at least as powerful as those I find with Calea zacatechichi and Entada rheedii. It brings on a powerful feeling of calm sedation and tranquility, which then passes seamlessly in to the dream state.  This allows me to maintain clear mental functioning and lucid consciousness in the dream state.  I am also able to vividly recall all the details of my dream upon waking, and am much better able to control my dream states and settings when asleep.  This is an incredibly powerful dream herb, and one that I would definitely recommend for anyone looking to work with lucid dreaming.

HOW TO PREPARE/RECIPE: The roots of Piri Piri are the only part of the plant which should be consumed.  Simply boil 1 gram of root matter in water for ten minutes, then consume the resulting tea.  The flavor is much enhanced by the addition of a sweetener such as honey or agave nectar.