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FAVORITE USE(S): For inducing powerful lucid, divinatory dreams

FAVORITE TIME(S): Any time of day as a tea, and just before bed as part of a smoking blend

Lemongrass is a wonderful and widely available herb that has a powerful lemony scent.  I used lemongrass in cooking for years before I ever had any idea that it was a traditional African entheogen.  However, I received a tip one day that lemongrass had been used by the shamans and witch doctors of the Tanganyika tribe to induce vivid dreams and to foretell the future.  The shamans can apparently use lemongrass to enter elevated states of intoxication, in which they can visualize the ailments of ill people and discover appropriate remedies.

I have not been able to find many reports regarding the magical powers of these lemongrass smoking blends, but those I have found mention euphoria, deep relaxation, vivid and lucid dreams, and even sleep walking.  It is important to note that extremely high doses or habitual use is said to induce delirium, nightmares and lethargy, so be sure to use these blends with respect.  I have found that the dreams I experience upon smoking a blend of lemongrass, tobacco, and kanna are extremely vivid and powerful, and that it is much easier to achieve lucidity within them.

Lemongrass makes a wonderful dream-inducing tea or smoking blend which can lead to powerful lucid, divinatory dreams, especially if you begin to work with the traditional smoking blends, as discussed below.  Lemongrass essential oil can also be diffused in an oil burner some time before bedtime in order to induce similar dreaming effects, although some people may find the powerful citrus scent to be a bit too stimulating for sleep induction.

HOW TO PREPARE/RECIPE: Lemongrass is usually used in cooking, and adds a wonderful, citrusy flavor to soups, stews and curries.  However, for purposes of dream and prophecy induction, the dried grass blades and flowers are smoked.  In particular, the herbage is often mixed with other magical healing plants such as tobacco and kanna (Sceletium tortuosum).  The most powerful blend for dream induction consists of 1 part dried lemongrass, 1 part untreated tobacco leaf and 2 parts kanna.  This blend will produce a powerful effect, and should be smoked just before going to sleep.