Christian Dreams InterpretationAmong the websites that offer dictionaries and frameworks to help you interpret your dreams, there are a few sites that offer Christian dreams interpretation. Interpreting dreams has been a part of Judeo-Christian religion since the Old Testament, where there are many examples of rulers and religious leaders receiving prophecies and messages from God in their dreams. The Christian interpretation of dreams has roots with other cultures of the ancient Near East such as Egypt and Sumeria, which also believed that dreams were supernatural (usually divine) messages. Many Christians still believe that dreams represent a way of communicating with the divine and receiving advice and answers from God.

The Bible distinguishes between dreams (experienced during sleep) and visions (which come to the visionary while awake). Visions are often directly prophetic, as are most dreams featured in the Bible: these often offer advice and warnings to kings, advisors and other leaders about the future of their kingdoms, although occasionally the dream of an ordinary person is mentioned to show that the divine messages of dreams were open to lay people as well as important figures. Biblical dream meanings may be similarly prophetic, but it will be up to you to figure out if that is the case or not.

Today, most Christians interpret dreams as metaphorical messages in which God gives the dreamer a task or advises them on a change they must make in their lives. Most dreams are about ourselves or those close to us, and will focus on concerns you’ve been facing or issues in your life; much like meditating on a subject you want to dream about before bed, Christian sites advocate praying or focusing on an issue that’s been troubling you as you fall asleep. As well as paying attention to symbols that relate to your unconscious when interpreting dreams Christian frameworks also can suggest Christian dream symbols, to which a person can assign a Biblical dream interpretation or significance to understand their dreams. It is believed that Christians who are versed in religious symbols will likely not need an external dream interpreter or text (other than the Bible) to do their own biblical dream interpretation or otherwise give their dreams Christian interpretation. Indeed, in the Bible it is usually non-believers, or Gentiles, who need help interpreting their dreams. When it comes to dream interpretation Christian and Biblical figures show a fluency in dream symbols that suggests people were more familiar with the symbolism and practice of dream interpretation during the times the texts were written. Nowadays, there are websites and books that can help you to understand the potential Biblical meaning of dreams and visions with similar fluency.

In Christian dreams interpretation, the dreamer must first decide who sent the dream. Dreams can be sent by God, angels, the dreamer’s soul, or even the devil (though most contemporary sites agree that this is rare). The start to any Biblical interpretation of dreams is to call on the Holy Spirit to reveal the origin and symbolism of a dream to the dreamer. Some hallmarks of a dream sent from a divine source (instead of a dream sent by the dreamer’s soul) include brighter colors, heightened emotions, and a general vividness that sets it apart from other dreams. In dream interpretation for Christians, beginning with the Bible offers a way to locate the symbols of a dream and draw out their possible meanings. These meanings can vary based on the way Christian dream symbols are arranged, the feelings associated with them, and which supernatural source the person believes the dream came from. One Christian method for narrowing down the meaning of dream symbols is to concentrate on each of the elements of one’s dream and meditate on its possible meanings: God or the Holy Spirit will let the  dreamer know when he or she has reached the best interpretation.

Christianity is one of many modern spiritual lenses through which you can interpret your dreams. Many people experience dreams that feel intensely spiritual and profound, regardless of whether they adhere to a certain faith or spiritual practice, and Biblical dream interpretation is a very helpful practice to those who follow the path of Christianity. Interpreters who work with dreams through a spiritual lens recommend separating out dreams that are a product of your mind reliving the events of the past day from dreams that seem to have a deeper meaning to you and that contain spiritual dream symbols: dreams in which you met you spiritual guide or received the answer to a question you’ve been mulling over, for instance. A Christian dreams interpretation may be very meaningful to you indeed if you are a devout Christian! In a way, all dreams could be seen as spiritual messages: if nothing else, they are messages from your inner spirit which offer a new perspective on the complex elements of your waking life; dreams reveal us to ourselves as unique, spiritual beings. A Christian interpretation of dreams and visions can be very helpful to your spiritual path and progress!