We are devoted to raising awareness and informing the community about ways in which dreams can become the key to unlocking unlimited potential. For example, what if you could explore all of the options and possible outcomes of an important life decisions in your dreams? Or how about practicing and rehearsing that difficult musical piece in your dreams before you have to perform on stage? Very few people realize that you can improve yourself, hone your skills, and improve your physical performance by working on important aspects of the self while dreaming. It’s true; you can harness your dreams to do anything you need to do while you are asleep! Not only can you improve you physical abilities, but you can have experiences that you would never be able to have in the waking world!

This ability to take charge of your dreams is called Lucid dreaming; lucid, from the Latin word Lucidus: to make clear, bright, shining; and dream, from the Old Norse word Draumr: sensations that one experiences in the mind while sleeping. So, in a very literal sense, ‘lucid dreaming’ refers to an individual’s ability to make their dreams clear and to shed light on or to become conscious of their dream world. The modern meaning of ‘lucid dream’ not only refers to becoming conscious of one’s dream, it also connotes the ability to realize that one is dreaming inside of the dream, and then being able to manipulate, change, and control the dream world. If one is able to learn how to do this, the possibilities and potential that lucid dreaming present are truly infinite.

If you are reading this then you are probably already somewhat aware of the potential that lucid dreaming presents.  You may  have read books and articles that discuss tips and techniques that you can employee to improve your ability to become lucid while dreaming. What you may not know, however, is that in addition to the mental and physical exercises that are used to induce lucid dreams, there are supplements, herbs, music and light and sound machines that can be used before or during sleep that will make it even easier for one to achieve lucidity while sleeping.

At present, there are many different types of all natural products and herbal supplements available on the market that have been utilized by indigenous tribes across the world for thousands of years to induce lucid and prophetic dream states.  These herbs were used to help shamans travel into the dream or ‘spirit’ world and to speak with ancestors while they slept. Under our ‘Herbal Products’ tab you will find a comprehensive list of a variety of dream herbs, as well as informative articles, science based research, and links to reliable vendors that supply all natural potent dream herbs and dream herb extracts.

In the last few decades, research in to sleep and dreams has made great strides in understanding how and why we sleep; as well as improving our understanding of the purpose and necessity of our dreams. Along with this greater understanding of the science of sleep, smart scientists, and engineers have devised machines that use special lights and sounds that help the sleeper achieve lucid dreams more easily. Under the ‘light and sound’ tab you will find the most current information and reviews on lucid dream machines.

There are a truly incredible variety of methods that one can use in order to induce lucid and vivid dream states, both herbal and physiological, and we sincerely hope that our information here will help you to discover the right dream herbs and other lucid dreaming methods that will lead you to achieve the dreaming experience you desire!  So have a look around and start exploring the phenomenal world of lucid dreaming, both in the physical world and in the world of dreams.  You will be surprised at just how easy it can be to shape your dreams in to what you have always wanted them to be!