Islamic Dreams Interpretation

Islamic Dreams InterpretationIn Islam, dreams can form an important channel of communication between human beings and the supernatural world, and Islamic dreams interpretation has a long history in the Middle East. During medieval times, when Christian Europe was struggling to maintain order after the fall of the Roman Empire, the Muslim Middle East was a center of learning: much early science and medicine in Europe was imported from the translated writings of Muslim scholars and physicians. In Canon of Medicine, physician Ibn Sina (Avicenna in a European transliteration) stated that the nature of a person’s dreams might reflect their in-born temperament. Scholar Ibn Khaldun also suggests in his Muqqadimah that dreams result from the mind working on the collected experiences of the day “after a man has retired from sense perception”. These were very modern ideas for the time which predicted some of the ways psychologists currently understand dreams.

There were also medieval books on dreams interpretation in Islam, such as the Islamic dream interpretation guide compilation attributed to scholar Ibn Sirin, which included 25 different sections on Islamic dreams interpretation— everything from the proper etiquette of dream interpretation to the meaning of reciting certain surahs (passages of the Qu’ran) in dreams. He recommended that lay people consult an alim (Muslim scholar) who would help them interpret their dreams within the right cultural and religious framework. Generally speaking, for the meaning of dreams in Islam, you would refer to holy texts such as the Qu’ran and hadiths (sayings attributed to the Prophet Mohammed) to assign meaning to dreams. One such hadith on the Islamic meaning of dreams asserts that dreams come from one of three sources: Allah/God and the angels, a person’s own self, or Shaitan/Satan.

Nightmares are often thought to be dreams sent by Shaitan, and for this reason Muslims call them false dreams. In the past, Islamic dream interpreters would advise people not to discuss these dreams with anyone, as paying credence to false dreams could lead to harm. In the Muslim interpretation of dreams, the correct way to deal with nightmares was to pray to Allah for protection three times, and then spit over one’s left shoulder three times (where Shaitan was supposed to lurk) to ward him off. However some modern Islam dreams interpretation texts adopt a gentler stance on nightmares, saying it’s okay to discuss them with people you trust in order to take the dream’s weight off your mind.

Dreams sent by your subconscious are called pathogenetic dreams and stem from your personal desires, concerns or obsessions. The Islamic interpretation of dreams agrees with Christianity and other religious traditions that pathogenetic dreams have little or no spiritual significance. They are probably just the result of our minds working through the events and stresses of our waking lives.

Finally, true dreams are those sent by Allah or the angels: these are very pleasant dreams which leave a vivid impression on the dreamer. The meaning behind true dreams will grow and change over the years as the person comes to a more mature understanding of life and the hereafter. True believers are more likely to be sent truthful dreams. Determining the source of a dream is an important element of understanding dreams and their meanings in Islam.

Although Muslim scholars can guide someone’s interpretation of a dream, it is best if the person to whom the dream was shown settles on its meaning. In Islamic dreams interpretation, it’s important to preface any dream interpretation with “It may mean this”; only prophets are able to say what something in a dream means for sure. Dreamers must be equally careful when sharing their dreams interpretation with others: while it’s beneficial to relate true dreams to others, a dreamer must only confide it to people he or she trusts. It can be dangerous to  share a good dream with someone who is jealous or bears ill will toward the dreamer. For instance, in one Islamic interpretation of dreams in a surah of the Qu’ran, a young man named Yusuf has a dream in which eleven stars, the sun and moon bow down before him. He tells it to his father Yaqoob, who interprets the dream to mean that Yusuf will rise to prominence over his eleven brothers, who are already jealous of him. He advises Yusuf not to tell his brothers the dream in case it spurs them to plot against him. The Islamic dream interpretation and the warning message here is very clear.

Islamic dreams interpretation agrees with Christianity in that it recognizes true dreams as messages from God or His angels. In Islam, true dreams are a way for Allah to communicate with human beings, who would otherwise be unable to perceive Him. Allah usually sends believers dreams to show favor to the dreamer; to express His pleasure with the dreamer’s good conduct on Earth and raise his or her future rank in Heaven; and to otherwise show believers the good things that are in store for them. While this is not comprehensive and believers may still have to overcome hardships in future, true dreams meaning in Islam are overwhelmingly positive and reflect a basic optimism about the future for those who follow Islam’s tenets. The Prophet Mohammed (believed in Islam to have been the last earthly prophet) stated that “glad tidings are all that is left of Prophethood.” When asked to explain what he meant by glad tidings, Mohammed responded, “Good dreams.” An Islamic interpretation of dreams can be very helpful in assisting you to understand vivid or confusing dreams, as it can provide a spiritual and religious grounding to your experience that can help to guide you on your path in life.

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  1. Yasmeen Fazal says:

    I had a dream of gold fish in bowl suddenly jumps out of water then ends on ground where it starts to suffocate. What does this mean?

  2. Sanaya says:


    i had a dream that i am getting married to my boyfriend. I was dressed in white. I didnt see my bf because the nikaah was held else where. My aunty was hugging me and my mother waant there .

    i would be really grateful if you could interpret this.

    Thank you


    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Sanaya,

      It sounds as if you are processing your emotions regarding marrying your boyfriend. Perhaps, since your mother wasn’t there, you were feeling as if you were stepping into a position of greater power in your family :)

      Happy Dreaming!

  3. saad says:

    i saw a dream that i have new born brother and i am playing with him and am too happy

  4. Amira says:

    I had a dream that there was a snake that was medium size and my family was scared and runnin away from it because we were scared it might bite us but then it went into some phone and that was it the dream ended can you pls tell me what it means I never have dreams about snakes it was my first time

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Amira,

      Snakes can symbolize a devious, dangerous element, and also great power. Perhaps your dream indicates fear of something dark that you feel may harm your family, or perhaps it symbolizes a power that you and your family has which you may be afraid to exercise.

      Happy dreaming!

  5. war says:

    i saw two vultures in my home

  6. Ameer Hamza says:

    My father wants to do business in Medina Al Munawara. He has a friend over there whose name is Adel and his mother’s name is Zafran, and he is a Yemeni . My father is not sure to do work with him or not that’s why some days ago he performed Umrah and asked helped from Allah.That night he got a dream that he is searching water for Wudu and some one guides him that there is water for Wudu behind the grave yard,when he reached there he saw a lake full of big snakes which were very beautiful and didn’t bite him whereas he also saw a lady holding two beautiful snakes in a shopper.
    After that incident my father was in too much tension and wants someone to interpret his dream

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Ameer,

      Although it is difficult for me to interpret this dream without understanding more about your father’s situation (and how he feels about snakes in general), I feel that this dream represents good fortune both in his spiritual life (snakes in the water for Wudu) and in his business dealings (snakes in a shopper). Since the snakes are beautiful and not dangerous, they may represent the positive aspects of the snake – as a guide towards spiritual potency and clarity. Snakes are also a very feminine image, so perhaps your father’s success relies upon a woman or women in some way.

      Happy Dreaming!

  7. maryam says:

    Salam, I dream that my parent where giving me a little girl which they said that the baby was mine and the father of the child was my boyfriend .after some arguments we decided to leave the child to someone I even don’t recognize. Please this dream disturbs me a lot and I don’t what to do .

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Maryam,

      If your parents were not encouraging of you keeping the child, perhaps it indicates a fear on your part that they do not approve of your boyfriend in real life. The baby may represent the bond you have with him that you are afraid to lose. Dreams are often reflections of real life situations that are difficult to process, and that may be the case here as well.

      Happy Dreaming!

  8. Halima says:


    I had a dream that I am getting married to the man who proposed marriage to me. In the dream my mother and I were discussing the preparations and I was mentioning the new clothes I would like to wear. Please interpret.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Halima,

      It sounds as if you are preparing for your upcoming marriage in your dreams. Perhaps the clothes symbolize the new life you are embarking upon. :)

      Happy dreaming!

  9. shakira says:

    i dreamt that i am getting married but im not engaged and i see my cousin sis dressed up as a bride and i dont see the guy who im getting married to

  10. Alaia says:

    Please could you interpret this dream:
    My dad passed away on Feb 14th 2011. In the early hours of this morning ( feb 14th 2013) I had a dream that my father comes to my living room and sees a wound on my wrist, he doesn’t say anything but walks away to the kitchen looking concerned. I sense he thinks I cut my own wrist to cause myself harm, I follow him to the kitchen and tell him I didn’t hurt myself on purpose, but I burnt myself. He looks at it looking happier ( he doesn’t talk) my older brother is standing on the other side of me and looks at my wound, it looks very deep burn with yellow
    puss but no pain. Then I wake up.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hello Alaia,

      It’s hard for me to interpret your dream without knowing your full story, but it sounds as if you are sensing and experiencing your father’s love for you. Perhaps the wound symbolises the suffering you have experienced as a result of your father’s death.

      Happy dreaming!

  11. moonazir says:


    Few weeks ago I had a dream.I woke up from my bed and saw a black
    young girl was sleeping besides me.I asked her when did I marry
    her?she replied something that i couldn’t recall now.In later part of
    my dream i saw my mother and elder brother was telling each other that
    though she looks black but in light she looks quiet good.

    what’s the meaning of this dream?


    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hey Syed,

      Tough to say, exactly without knowing more. Are you currently in a relationship? It sounds like the way you see your significant other is different than how your family sees them. If you are not, maybe a fear of what your family thinks is holding you back from finding that person. Please let me know if any of this applies to your situation.

      Thanks for sharing.

  12. ahida says:

    well i’m dreaming recurrently about my marriage .everytime itz like i’m getting married in young age…but as per my past experince..whatever i dream it turs opposite in realitty..!!plzz interprit dreams of my parriage

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Ahida,

      Are you married already? If not, perhaps this dream indicates a fear around getting married too young, or before you are ready, or perhaps a fear of never being able to get married. I would spend some time considering my own feelings about marriage, what I would like it to mean, and what I deserve from the marriage bond. Perhaps begin writing a journal about your perfect marriage ceremony – what age you will be, who the partner will be, what the ceremony will be like, etc. This can help bring suppressed feelings to the surface, which may resolve the reoccurring dream.

      All the best! :)

  13. leila says:

    I had a dream that the person i like and pray to get married to when i get older is sitting on a desk next to me. I was holing a book and he was also holding a book.I asked him to let me see his book but he refused and said nothing.

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