Floating in Dreams

Floating In DreamsMany people have described floating in dreams. Unlike flying dreams, where you can often control the direction and height of your flight above the dream landscape, you often have minimal control in floating dreams. You may experience only the sensation of floating in dreams; find yourself floating atop a lake, river, cloud or other buoyant medium; or turn the dream into a flying dream where you can control your direction and speed. A feeling of floating upward is also a common hallmark of a successful astral projection; some people have realized they left their bodies only after they found themselves floating upward into a version of their bedrooms. However, not all dream floating indicates an astral projection: you can have ordinary subconscious or lucid dreams of floating around in your bedroom (or elsewhere), or view a dream scene from a disembodied perspective. Floating in dreams is most commonly associated with feelings of acceptance, content, calm and detachment.

You might be the one floating in your dreams, or you may see other people, animals, or objects floating. In each case, it helps to examine the emotions you felt in the dream: a floating dream can be either positive or negative depending on how it made you feel. If you were the one floating in your dream, it can indicate that you are generally happy and content with your life situation, and have let go of or resolved issues that were previously troubling you. To float you have to relax and let the water support you, so a floating dream could signal that you have come to a place of acceptance in some area of your life. Perhaps you feel able to “rise above” a previously challenging situation.

Dreams about floating can be negative if you felt out of control or like you had nothing to hold onto in the dream. Some people describe dreams in which they spontaneously started to float away from the ground. They felt anxious and scared that they wouldn’t be able to return and instead would float off into space. They might see friends and family members standing on the ground below and be powerless to get back to them. This kind of dream floating is similar to dreams of falling, and can be a subconscious hint that you feel out of control in some aspect of your life. Uncontrolled floating in dreams, especially if the dream environment around you is indistinct, may indicate that you feel aimless in life: you’re just “going with the flow” and have yet to set meaningful goals for your life. A lack of control over your movements in a floating dream could also indicate a lack of confidence in your own waking decisions and actions.

If you feel insecure financially, emotionally, or socially, negative floating dreams can articulate your feelings of insecurity. If you feel like you’re being micromanaged at work, or that your voice is being discounted in your personal or professional life, floating dreams can express your frustration at the lack of input you feel. Perhaps you’ve been observing a conflict or situation between people you know while feeling peripheral to the situation and unable to influence it in a meaningful way. Alternatively, if you feel content in your floating dream it may be a sign that you’ve decided to outwait a negative situation or conflict and have stopped stressing over it.

Other people or animals floating in a dream can have several meanings depending on the tone of your dream. Seeing animals floating on water was traditionally thought to denote happiness and contentment. However, if you see animals or people you know floating away from you, it could be a sign that you feel disconnected from others; perhaps you’re experiencing difficulties that are isolating you from those around you. Likewise, seeing objects floating in dreams can indicate that you feel ungrounded and want to strengthen your connections to the rest of the world.

Finally, if you feel that you floated out of your body while remaining conscious, you may also want to learn more about out of body experiences, including ways to control and induce them. Like floating dreams in general, OBEs tend to be a lot less scary when you understand what may be causing them. Floating dreams can be either calming or distressing depending on the content and tone of the dream. Dreams both positive and negative spring from the thoughts, events and emotions of our waking lives, so if you have scary or upsetting floating dreams, the best way to reduce them or change them into positive dreams is to honestly address the conflicts and stresses in your life that may underlie them. Once you address the underlying causes of negative floating dreams, you may even experience a positive counter-dream of floating that will assure you the issue has been resolved.

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  1. Stephen says:

    I have this dream, I dreamt of it twice, first I was in a class filled with children and I was about to teach them then suddenly my body started to float uncontrolled and bang the children almost killed them then I woke up, Second I was outside walking with friends then my body started to float again and I was so afraid that I couldnt go back to them then i woke up, and whenever I woke up I still get the feeling of floating uncontrollably

  2. Marc says:

    Hi I don’t know if you can help me tp understand this dream.

    I was floating above my body face down watching it, while a massive spider was sitting on my face. I was just watching then I heard a noise then I woke up.

  3. Jefedfur says:

    I have continually been having dreams where I force myself to float and hover. I am usually in unfamiliar places around a mix of unfamiliar people and people I constantly interact with. Generally I exert this force in a display of my presence or just to show those around me I can. EVERY SINGLE TIME this happens I make sure to tell everyone what I am doing is not the same as flying. Seldomly in these dreams I temporarily lose control and go too high. Shortly after anxiety sets in I am able to regain control and float back to the ground or just hover at a comfortable height. If I do touch the ground again I generally take to hovering again. Sometimes with a shaky start. Since it has been happening more frequently I am curious what this may mean.

  4. courtland says:

    So, I had this dream that I was in a feild with a bunch of people I didn’t know. It was dark outside and all of a sudden the sky parted and there was a bright light, almost as if had suddenly turned to daylight. Then lightnening bolts began to strike in the sky but never touched the ground. The people I was with, very calmly, started repeating “its the end of the world, its the end of the world”. I then closed my eyes (as if I were excepting that the end had came) and I could feel myseld floating upward. Then, I opened my eyes and saw that I had floated about 10 feet above everyone. I then felt as if something was wanting me to floating upward and I felt as if I was no longer in control and panicked. I slowly floated back to the ground bit I could still bounce around like there were no gravity. The people I was with seemed very impressed with the fact that I could float. I have practiced lucid dreaming and astral projection, but I have only lucid dreamed twice amd astral projected once but only for a minute it felt like. Could I be on the verge of astral projection or is it just my subconscious trying to warn me of something?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Courtland,

      Given that the people in your dream were calm, I imagine that you are on the verge of astral projection. Relax and enjoy! :)

      Happy Dreaming!

  5. Kim says:

    Last night I fell into a dream… I was lay in bed and felt as though I woke up. My legs started to slowly float, and lift into the air, leaving my body on the bed. They started to uncontrollably shake and rise higher and higher until eventually, I was hanging almost upside down.

    I fell as though I was wide awake but unable to speak or pull my legs back down to the bed or stop them shaking. I eventually realised I was in a dream but it panicked me a little as I thought if I didn’t wake up, I was going to rise out of the house and be unable to get back. I’ve experienced sleep paralysis before but never levitation. It was as though something was trying to pull me up by my legs but another thing was holding my body to the bed. It felt as though I was half in and half out of my body.

    Anyway, I slowly managed to bring myself out of it. I would have loved to have carried the dream on but it seemed quite negative as I was hanging upside down..
    What do you make of this dream? If this negative experience happens again, would you recommend trying to wake up or see where it takes me?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Kimberly,

      If you feel terribly uncomfortable in a dream, it is generally best to wake up. If it doesn’t feel too intense, though, you might try going with it and see what happens. Perhaps focusing on the feeling of floating in water will be of benefit in evening out your body if such an experience happens again.

      Happy Dreaming!

  6. brian says:

    I’ve had dreams where I’m mostly outside and I can float or levitate in front of friends I can’t make anyones face out, but I can float at will and where ever I want, sometimes in the dreams I open up my eyes and im already really high in the sky and I steadily float down and I can feel my feet hit the ground and the shock of the landing.

  7. DJ says:

    I had a dream where I floated above my bed & then suddenly I was at work floating there. I remember feeling extremely tired & had a feeling that this is why I was floating. I felt very safe & comfortable like I could sleep like this all night. The only fear I had was at those times when I was floating at work I had a small thought that the ceiling fans would hurt me, yet In the back of my mind I seemed to know that i would not go that high so there was no real fear of this.

    I am curious about this. Do you have any idea what this could mean?


    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear DJ,

      Perhaps you were thinking about work before falling asleep, and so your consciousness moved to that space when you fell into dream. You felt secure and confident enough in that space to know you were safe. :)

      Happy dreaming!

  8. ruk says:

    I have some insane dreams. Last night I was playing some type of game where I had to get ll kinds of objects to write into a diary or book. But eveything I would have to go find, I would be wearing this parachute and I’d have to jump off a second story balcony and float, but I had to work real hard, like treading water to keep a float. This site said:
    If you feel insecure financially, emotionally, or socially, negative floating dreams can articulate your feelings of insecurity. If you feel like you’re being micromanaged at work, or that your voice is being discounted in your personal or professional life, floating dreams can express your frustration at the lack of input you feel. Perhaps you’ve been observing a conflict or situation between people you know while feeling peripheral to the situation and unable to influence it in a meaningful way.
    Which actually makes a lot of sense. One other weird thing was the last item I had to get was something at an old drug store and there was a dog that came with me in his own floating device. When we got to the drugstore, there were three of him inside this plasitic and I had to open up the plastic before he would suffocate. Then a girl helped me find the item which was a fake tatoo that you had to choose which part of a womans body it went on by putting change ito the machine, but I had already bought the tattoo and could not put the money into the machine because I had already paid for the tattoos. Gotta be something sexual there;.
    I dream ALL the time that I am trying to get somewhere and my legs are being held down, like in mud and the harder I try to run, the worse I am being held down. That is almost nightly. That and being in jail… I’m sure that’s gotta mean some pretty messed up stuff.
    Opinions? Thankjs

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hi Ruk!

      It does sound like there are things in your life that are making you feel trapped, and perhaps experiences, such as work, that have you running around doing things that you know to be meaningless and arbitrary but feel forced to do anyway. By relieving these pressures in real life, the dreams may improve. Alternately, by working to become lucid and change the situation in dreams (refusing to do the tasks, for example, or breaking out of prison using dream tricks), you may find the situations in your life begin to improve as well.

      Happy dreaming!

  9. kyle says:

    Ok, so I’ve had this dream before , just experienced it again last night. In my dream , I was walking to my kitchen to get a bottle of water, and I felt awake like I was really doing it,the house looked exactly the same, (all of the lights out, exactly the way it looks over night when everybody is asleep. All of the sudden upon entering the kitchen. dining area, I felt like i had total control of levitating and floating at ceiling level,and it felt amazing, like I was in god-mode , I floated down stairs to my porch area(dark hallway leading to furnace room), to most people this dream would seem creepy and dark, but I felt like god, and when I woke up I almost felt the urge to start levitating around the house, what can this dream be telling me ?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Thank you for sharing your dream, Kyle!

      It sounds like you are in the beginning processes of astral projection. I would read more about that. Enjoy the experience!
      Happy dreaming!

  10. Nic S. says:

    I had a dream last night that led me to this website after I woke. I was riding a bike it seemed like or looking for something along a highway I used to live near by growing up as a kid. I can’t remember what I was looking for but I was distressed about it. I where the highway normally has an overpass, there were two men on mountain bikes resting and the overpass suddenly turned into a rocky hill. As I reached the peak, I spontaneously started floating the bike I had suddenly disappeared and I could see myself getting higher and higher from the ground. I had absolute no control over this. I began fearing that I should “let go” before I plummet to the ground.. I remember thinking to myself “you will die if you let go right now”. I panicked and took the risk of trying to survive the “fall” than to continue floating upward.

    So then I fell, I hit the ground and I remember feeling like my body was destroyed so I didn’t even look. One of the men picked me up and didn’t know what to do with me. I screamed at them to pick me up and take me to a hospital and as he carried me I tried to call my mother, brother and sister to tell them I loved them (using my cell phone) before I drew my last breath. I kept telling myself to stay awake; don’t fall asleep.

    My eyes closed in my dream as I could still fell the man carrying me as I could feel myself dying… and then I woke up.

    I wonder what it means to choose to “fall”… ?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Nic,

      Thank you for sharing your dream! Perhaps choosing to fall indicates a desire to let go and move on from a situation in which you have no control. Or perhaps you are facing a fear of death.

      Happy dreaming!

  11. snowflake says:

    Do you have an email i can reach you at. i have quite a few crazy dreams for you?

  12. Darren says:

    Quite interesting. For years and years I could make myself float in nearly every dream I had. Why I was able to float was never made clear but I just know I can do it in any dream. I take a deep deep breath and fill my lungs full of air, turn my hands so that my palms face away from me and I float into the sky. Sometimes I float to get away from someone/danger and other times I do it to show off to either my friends or to random people. I absolutely love being able to do this in every dream as I feel so free and great in the morning but I just don’t understand why I can, and how I have had this recurring feature for years, almost every single night. Recurring dreams are normal for me, I could have a boring easily forgotten dream… then 16 years down the line I could have the sequel haha but this confuses me.

  13. latimah says:

    My girl friend dreamed that she was floating out the window and couldnt move are talk. She thought she was going to die and she saw me sleeping in the bed and couldn’t tell me she love me
    She woke up scared and crying. It happend 3 times the same nite.

  14. Jackie F says:

    Hello! I wake up very early in the morning to prepare my husband for work, then usually go back to sleep for an hour or so before I have to wake again. This morning, that is what I did and had a very weird, creepy “dream” that really spooked me. I was in a house that I felt was mine (but wasn’t) and was walking up to a large bird cage. I felt as though I had a lot of animals present in the house. For whatever reason, I started walking backwards, away from the cage. Something then made me fall to the ground. I layed there on my back, unable to move, like something was forcing me down. I felt my body then lift from the ground, like levitating, and I had no control of it at all but remember feeling very scared. I also felt as though my entire body had the “chills” or was tingling. I was telling myself to wake up, but couldnt really yell or talk…and I remember telling myself not to panic, because my alarm clock would go off any minute to wake me up for work. It felt so very real and was an uneasy experience for me. Any thoughts?

  15. switem says:

    In my dream, I was exactly in my room with the same clothes at the same moment. I was aware that I was dreaming. Then I heard someone snickered evilly. I started to run to the door. When I was about to turn the door knob I started to float towards the ceiling. Then I woke up in the dream. It’s like I was dreaming in my dream. That scenario happened 2-3more times. I tried to wake myself but I can’t move my body and I can’t speak. It felt so real and when I finally woke up my heart beat was racing.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      This sounds like sleep paralysis – it’s common when you are trying to wake up out of Delta wave sleep. Thank you for sharing your experience. :)

    • Darren says:

      If it happens again the best thing to do is to remember that it is just a dream, if possible (if you are concious enough) say to yourself “on the count of three, I am going to cough” ….inside count 1, 2, 3 *COUGH* ..LOUDLY!!! You will be awake and have some wits about you. Sleep paralysis is one of the scariest experiences I know, fortunately they get easier and less scary as you get used to them. But seriously, make yourself cough. Also, avoid lying on your back with your hands down by your sides….this is the sleep paralysis position (or so I’ve been told) learn to sleep on your side

  16. sonnier says:

    I had a dreaming I was floating in my boxers outside with no control. I was a little nervous but felet like it happen before. Finally I landed and walked into a house party where my brother was and told him I could float. I tried to show him but was only to when I close my eyes and let go!

  17. Natasha says:

    Hi I had the most weirdest dream,I was floating above my front room to the top of the ceiling and tried to grab on to the end of my sofa to stop myself floating away,I looked down and saw myself asleep on the sofa,I tried to speak and nothing was coming out,also tried to get back into my body and my body was stuck and felt pinned down,what does this mean?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hi Natasha!

      It sounds like you started to astral project – your essence leaving your body. This is probably why it was difficult to connect with your physical body again. Next time, try exploring! :)

      Happy Dreaming!

  18. Suzanne says:

    My dream involves being in a room with people and I’m standing up. I am able to levitate or float up at will from room to room. I feel in total control in the dream. The floating doesn’t even feel unusual. I’ve also had dreams where I am thin; I am obese in real life.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Thank you for sharing, Suzanne – it sounds as if you are experiencing freedom in your dream that you don’t necessarily feel in your day to day life.

      Happy dreaming!

  19. Liz says:

    I had the scariest most vivid dream last night. I was floating above my husband and son sleeping in our bedroom. I was unable to get to them and could not scream for help. Finally my husband woke and pulled me down but he wasn’t taking it seriously. Then our baby flew up in to the air. As I tried to grab him this small female ghoul grabbed him. I managed to grab her and started to fold her up in my hands and my baby ran up to us. The whole time I was thinking if I could just make noise it would stop. While I was folding her up I managed to scream, which actually woke my husband who in turn woke me. I was terrified the whole time. It was as if our house was haunted. We are moving at the end of this month and I just kept thinking in the back of my head we needed to get out now!
    I’m scared to go to slee tonight! Any thoughts?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hi Liz!

      Wow, that sounds terrifying! I’m glad to hear you’re moving out of your house. In the meantime, I would recommend creating a safe space in your bedroom before going to sleep. You can do this by meditating and visualizing your bedroom and your child’s bedroom protected by a diamond shield of protection that will not allow any negative entities inside. Many ancient traditions also believe that sprinkling salt across the entry-way of a room will prevent negative energies from entering.

      All the best!

  20. Cheryl says:

    I had a dreamed floating under water in a swimming pool. However, I don’t understand why because I don’tt know how to swim as I notice that I was relaxed and calm then to realize that my Ex-boyfriend was reaching for me at the other end of the pool. This dream came a night after my ex contacted me months later from a bad breakup with my reply to him through a farewell text that same night.

  21. Little Wing says:

    On the eve of 12-21-12 I had a dream in which I saw both the sun and the moon sitting in space. I thought I was looking at it from the earth but I realized, the sun was not shining, only glowing in space and the moon was huuuuge in comparison to the sun. Also the moon was not reflecting the sun the way it would from the earth but rather I could see the moons pores and it was greyish purple as the sun hit it. I was fascinated by and drawn to the moon but I felt it was mutual. The moon was alive and I could feel that it was drawn to me as well. It became so overwhelming that I then got scared and looked down to realize I was one small existence sitting on the ceiling in the back seat of my own car, only there was a childs car seat in there and I heard a voice inside say”thats your body, grab it” then I grabbed the seat belt and wrapped it around the car seat then held onto it so that I would not be sucked up to where the moon was. Then I woke up in my room where it was dark and I closed my eyes again and there was a white light shinning into my forehead so bright so I stretched my hand out before me to block out whatever this light was and I opened my eyes to see what it was and saw that my room was pitch black and I closed my eyes again to go to bed and saw the light dimming until I could no longer see it. any ideas?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Ideas? Yes.

      Well, for one, kudos. Sounds like you had quite an amazing OBE! Secondly, next time let the Moon take you :) It is your dream and you control it. When you realized how high you had flown, it was naturally scary and your reaction was understandable. I remember the first time I moved between dimensions-didn’t know what to do. When you move beyond your own life experience/comprehension of what is happening, it can rattle you. That said, get back out there.

      As far as the white light, it sounds like you woke in your dreams a couple times before you actually woke up. I would guess it was part of that process, maybe the Moon saying good-bye. Or you could have been traveling between dimensions. In my experience, there is usually a little gap or hole through which I will travel. Might be a correlation there?

      Happy Dreaming!!

  22. Izzy says:

    I tend to end up floating in the majority of my dreams (although my dreams are all different this one thing always seems to happen) It’s more like hovering above the ground and then not being able to get my feet back on the ground no matter how much I struggle. In the dreams I always have to get somebody to pull be back down onto my feet and if i’m not firmly on the ground i’ll just float back up again.
    I tend to feel pretty unsettled about this but I’m not entirely sure if this means anything.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hi Izzy!

      It sounds perhaps as if you feel ungrounded in your waking life, and that you have to rely on others to pull you back down. That is definitely an unsettling feeling. I have found that doing physical exercise, such as yoga or hiking, increases my sense of being firmly grounded. This may help decrease these sorts of dreams for you.

      Happy dreaming!

  23. bill says:

    I usually have dreams where i’m floating around trees and I can’t stop myself from from floating above them. I try grabbing branches but always miss. I get terrified and try to get back the ground. Sometimes it works . Sometimes it doesn’t, and then I wake up in a cold sweat.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hey Bill,

      Next time you have this dream, see what happens if you just embrace your inability to get back to the ground. Let go and see what heights you fly too!

      Happy Dreaming :)

  24. Colinda says:

    SO recently I finally got the courage to confront some family members who I have been having terrible difficulty…since then, I have dreams that I am with them and I float up upright and I feel a sense of freedom and lightness of being. They don’t seem to think that this is abnormal for me and they don’t acknowledge it. I feel I am getting further away from them…I like the feeling. The one dream I had I floated down my street and in the driveway of a house 8 houses down…I turned and floated back home by the white Christmas lights in their driveway…funny tho…when I looked down the street..it was the EXACT house and lights I had not noticed closely before. Little children were running under me and laughing…I liked the feeling, didn’t feel scared. Powerful almost. Any ideas what my dream means?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hi Colinda!

      It sounds like you are finally feeling some freedom and space from family members who you have been entwined with for some time. Now you are experiencing lightness and freedom, still able to in their presence and near their home, but no longer attached to the suffering you formerly felt there. Congratulations on your courage in confronting these difficulties. :) That feeling of freedom will certainly translate to your waking life, as well.

      Happy Dreaming!

  25. Josh says:

    I had a dream last night I was in a large room filled with tables of food and people. I saw familiar faces ecerywhere I looked . There was a line I get food and as I saw this my body took the form of Jesus on the cross and I floated a few feet off the ground towards the lineup. People started yelling at me in anger but I continued to float in the shape of a cross smiling . This is the second time I’ve had this dream in two weeks.

  26. Seraph says:

    I have this dream all the time, or at least… this theme, it seems to pop up in other “normal” dreams. I will be at work or at home or anywhere really dreaming about something, and suddenly my feet will begin to float out from underneath me and I will begin to float away. Invariably I then struggle to find something to grab and then pull myself down and fight my feet back to the ground, while the other people in the dream seem to not even notice it is happening, or it is as if, seeing that is so normal to them they take no note of it. Usually when I finally struggle back down to earth and get my feet planted firmly I wake up.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Very interesting, Seraph! Have you ever tried letting go and just floating?

      • Seraph says:

        No. But I did have 1 alternate variation on this dream… where I walked outside of one building to go towards another, but this time instead of just… floating like normal. This time there was the distinct feeling that an invisible force took hold of my leg and pulled me up into the air sharply. I then heard a heavy voice come from nowhere scream “Shut up!” and then the force hurled me towards the ground. I feel so fast I barely had time to register the idea that this fall would kill me before I sprung up from the dream.

    • Maxwell says:

      I have this dream all the time, I will just float up. I cant control how high or how far I float, but I can control the descent.

  27. Jessica says:

    Mine is kind of in the middle of everything you were saying. Its not a specific dream, just somthing that happens in almost all of my dreams. I am floating, or just cannot keep my feet on the ground, i’m not scared, but i’m not in control either. No matter how hard i try i cant keep my feet on the ground. sometimes i’m holding onto something and my feet are up at my level, sometimes going higher then me. I never have any control of it, sometimes, funny enough, characters in the dream have to hold my hand to pull me down enough or pull me along cause i cant get my feet to get underneath me.

    • Jessica says:

      oh and no one else is floating with me, I’m the only one in the dream that is floating, no one else seems to notice, they all act as if its a normal thing for me to be up in the air unable to get my feet down, and them not.

      • dr3amh3rbs says:

        Very interesting, Jessica. Have you looked into exercises that you can do in every day life to increase your sense of physical grounding? Tai chi or Qi Gong, for example? It sounds to me like your dreams are indicating a feeling of lack of control and grounding which is not unmanageable but not that fun, either. Perhaps by increasing your grounding in every day life, you will be able to both put your feet on the ground and learn to fly in dreams! :)

  28. Niv says:

    So I just had this crazy dream where i was walking eown my hallway and the next thing i know, im being lifted up, something was grabbing my back, i couldn’t scream, and when i looked back, it was something white with green eyes just screaming and roaring and i startes banging on the walls but no one came to help.
    Please tell me what this means, im really scared ..

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Niv,

      That sounds really scary! It sounds like you don’t feel very safe in your dream space. I would recommend taking some time to meditate every night before bed. I have a feeling that even just five minutes of focusing on your breath and clearing your mind will help. You can also place a protective stone, such as hematite or tigers eye, under your pillow to protect you as you sleep.

      Happy Dreaming!

  29. nsm1702 says:

    I had a dream last night that I was slightly levitated off my bed and some unknown force was pushing me around and forcing me to ”float” through my bedroom. I remember distinctly being constantly pushed under the bed and I kept fighting it. I managed to make my way back into bed and I couldn’t lay down. I fought my way to my light switch but the lights wouldn’t go on. I woke up a few seconds later in my bed and my heart was racing. I know it was a dream but it felt so real. I was really scared and couldn’t fall askeep after that Because I felt as if it would happen again. It was such a terrible feeling. Any help on what I can do to make this go away??

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear NSM,

      I’m sorry to hear that you had such a difficult experience. That sounds awful! It sounds a lot like a night terror, delta wave dreams in which one is physically affected or experiences dark energy pressing on them from an unknown, unfriendly source. I would recommend taking some time to meditate every night before bed – just five or ten minutes. Sit up in bed and visualise yourself surrounded by guardians – angels, goddesses, kind spirits, whatever speaks to you most – and ask them to guide and protect you during dreams. Then go to sleep trying to maintain awareness of these guardians. I hope this technique helps you! It has certainly assisted me in dealing with nightmares.

  30. Rick says:

    I had dreams that I could fly but when I landed and tried to fly again I would just fall, I was usually trying to get away from trouble. Now I have constant dreams that I am walking and I float and
    I can’t stop going, I try to stop because I see people and
    Things I like but I just keep going. I always think about it. It kind of makes me over think how I walk in real life and now I feel akward when I walk around others in real life. Any help?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hi Rick!

      Are you aware that you are dreaming during these experiences? If so, try to break the pattern – remind yourself that you are dreaming and that you have the power to do whatever you like, then stop yourself and make a point of talking to people. This may even benefit your real life. If you aren’t aware that you are dreaming in your dreams, perhaps start trying to do reality checks during the day – this will allow you to become more aware in dreams as well!

  31. Chris says:

    Last night I had a dream that I was floating slowly inside a building. It was an orange building. I remember looking down at the ground and seeing my feet rise off the ground. I kept going up and I remember being inside a classroom filled with students. I didn’t recognize any of them. I could see mysef touching the walls as I floated up until I reached the ceiling. I was able to float 1 more time after that. The third time, I couldn’t float anymore. I just couldn’t get my self to rise off the ground. I wonder what it meant… /:

  32. She says:

    I had this dream when I was a kid:

    I was relaxing by the window when I saw fire from outside the house. The next thing I know, I was floating up continuously. When I looked down, I saw a black hooded figure burning everything it passes by using a torch. It kinda looked like it was burning the Earth. I think it was a nightmare because I had to struggle to move when I woke up. It still gives me the creeps whenever I remember it. What does that dream mean?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      That sounds like a pretty typical nightmare involving fear of the destruction of all that is familiar and known. Many people experience dreams like this. The fact that you were floating rather than being involved directly in the chaos may indicate that you are aware of chaos taking place around you but do not feel personally threatened by it.

  33. MacKenna says:

    Three nights ago I had a dream that I was in my school with my friends. We were standing in the hall when I realized my feet weren’t touching the ground, and that I was somehow floating. Then I started laughing, I showed my friends and they got excited and started trying to jump in the air to float too, but they weren’t successful. They kept asking me how I did it and I had no idea. The next night I had another dream where I floated the same way. Last night though my dream got a little weirder, because I referred back to my other dreams. So in last nights dream I remember telling myself that this would be a good time to try to float again like I did in my other dreams. I was in my back yard, holding onto the door handle of my house for some stability (like a little kid holding onto railing while learning to skate). I then tried to float, and succeed. I remember being proud of myself, and then figuring out how to turn my floating off and on.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hey MacKenna,

      That is GREAT! You are learning how to harness your powers within the waking dream state. Keep pushing the boundaries of your abilities and they will continue to grow. Please let us know how you progress :)

      Happy Dreaming!!

    • Alex says:

      I literally have been having dreams almost identical to yours. I will be walking down the hall way at my school and all of sudden i start to fly around the hallways and no one really notices, they think its normal. It almost feels like i am jumping on trampolines. It feels like i can control my flying. It feels awesome now that i can actually think about it clearly.

  34. I c p says:

    I often have a dream in which I am with people at a party,someone asks me to do my trick., this is to levitate , just a little at first then I go up to the ceiling, each time getting higher. After the dream I always feel fantastic.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      That sounds like a wonderful dream-and you should feel fantastic. Next time you are there, see if you can fly outside the room. Let’s just see how far you can take this! Happy dreaming and thanks for sharing your esperience.

  35. Loubosh says:

    I am often dreaming of levitating of late. I dreamt we had new neighbours & I was talking to them in my garden. All of a sudden, I flew up in the air, to the height of the house. (I am always in an upright position.) I can remember feeling embarrassed! However, the other night I dreamt spirits were talking to me. I felt very scared, rapid heart beat etc. I shouted out to my husband- to alert him I felt in danger. He didn’t hear me, so to protect myself & hopefully scare off the spirits, I flew up to the ceiling.. I mentioned these dreams to a someone- she thought it was a form of astral projection. I really don’t know what they mean..

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hey Louise,

      It sounds like you are beginning to cross over in to a state of Lucid Dreaming. This is a very exciting dream. Next time you are in flight, instead being afraid of the spirits or embaressed by your gift of flight, direct your travel outside your house. Have faith in your new found ability and take that dream out for a test drive! And please, let us know where you land.


  36. Ali says:

    I had dream more then 10 times, that I am flying in the skies and I am very happy talking to myslef that i can fly, turning side by side, Increasing and decreasing my fly speed, and I used to be very happy, what does it mean, please tell me about my dream

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Ali,

      That sounds like a very positive dream – as if you are able to feel very free and uninhibited. Perhaps the dream is encouraging you to bring the same free, open feeling in to your everyday experience!

  37. kristal says:

    My friend E-dogg had a frightening experience and is not sure if he was asleep or close to death. He was asleep in bed and felt his spirit floating out of his body. He said at first it waa cool and then he realized he was floating above his bed torward the ceiling and could see himself asleep below. He then got scared because he felt as though some force was pulling him out of the room past the ceiling. He said he then fought it and somehow made it back to his body. When he woke up he was very cold and sweating and his heart was racing. He’s wondering if he actually might have almost died and that’s why he came out of his body.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      This sounds like an Out-of-Body Experince or OBE. Often times this can happen right before entering a lucid dream state. Of course, I can’t speak to E-dogg’s health, not being a doctor and never having met him. Next time something like this happens tell him to try and relax and direct his path of flight. See where this can take him :) Thanks for the comment!


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