Dangers of Astral Projection

Dangers of Astral ProjectionMuch like lucid dreaming, gaining the ability to astral project can open up opportunities for adventure, personal insight and mental exploration. However, if you’re new to the idea of astral travel, it’s good to seek out more information on the dangers of astral projection. While most astral projections I’ve read about were positive experiences, there are also anecdotes from people who have had frightening astral projection experiences. In the article below, I’ll try to describe some of the potential dangers of astral projection and the different methods of astral projection protection that you can take to deal with these dangers if you decide to try astral projection.

One of the first things people ask is, can you die from astral projection? People who practice astral projection claim that a “silver cord” connects the astral body to the physical one, which has given rise to the idea that the physical body will die if this silver cord is severed. First of all, astral travel practitioners generally agree that it is not possible to sever the silver cord. Generally speaking, nothing you can do while astral will harm your physical body, and because the astral body is immaterial, it can’t be physically harmed. That said, your body can still experience physical harm while you’re astral, so it’s always important to choose a safe, private space like your bedroom for your astral projection experiments. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable going to sleep in a park at night, don’t use it as a space for astral projection As long as you are sleeping in a safe space, though, the known astral projection dangers do not include death.

Another danger of astral projection is that people have reported having difficulty breathing at the onset of astral projection, especially as they’re starting to float upwards or just after they’ve left their bodies. This might be a side effect of  sleep paralysis, as your brain tries to process the sensations of leaving your body. Breathing through your nose can speed up the process of separation, and so can maintaining a calm intention to complete your astral projection. Especially the first time you manage it, such astral projection side effects can be alarming. Fear can interfere with your breathing and make it that much harder to separate from your body. It’s a lot easier to fall back into your body from a projected state than to leave it; if your body is in any physical distress or danger, most likely you’ll reenter it immediately.

However, what if something has gotten there before you? The fear of possession is one of the perceived dangers of astral projection that is most likely to make people leery to try it. If you astral project, you’ll probably emerge on one of the lower planes: many practitioners claim this plane is home to what have been variously called demons or malevolent spirits, which can take over your body when you’re away. While I’ve never heard or read about an instance of actual possession, it’s probably prudent to take steps to protect yourself against any hostile-seeming entities you may encounter in the astral state. Some precautions include imagining a white or golden light around your astral body, calling on protective spirits, angels or guides to help you,or even saying a prayer to banish hostile entities. You can usually tell if a presence or spirit is malevolent by its aura, which may be dark, muddled, or simply give you a ‘bad vibe’. It’s up to you to interact with these entities or not; according to astral projection lore, they can’t harm or possess you unless you invite them to do so.

For astral projection newbies, another of the dangers of astral travel that can be of concern is not being able to return to your body after an astral journey. All the accounts I’ve read agree that it is not possible to become permanently lost from your body. While astral, it usually takes no more effort than thinking about your physical body for you to rush back into it. This is because you are highly suggestive to mental suggestion while in an astral state: if you want to travel somewhere, it usually takes no more effort than imagining where you want to go. If you think about your physical body, you’ll find yourself back in it. Keeping separate from your physical body is what takes mental focus and concentration. So, I wouldn’t include ‘losing’ your body among potential astral traveling dangers.

Like the phenomenon of astral projection itself, I’m not going to debate whether astral projection involves actual travel to a different plane or if, instead, it is a type of lucid dream. The reality is that some people have had frightening experiences during astral projection and have explained them as encounters with malevolent entities or troubles associated with leaving or getting back to their physical bodies. Whether astral projection is a mental or a metaphysical journey, making your mind a calm and safe place is a good way to mitigate or avoid a scary astral projection experience. Remember that you have the ability to shape your astral journey and surround yourself with protective and nurturing energy, and you will be able to have an experience that is enriching rather than frightening.

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  1. joe says:

    Idk exactly what astral projection is however I had a dream last night, the type where you dose off fast and are immediately in a dream. So there I was in my bathroom and I told my dog no don’t come in after that I turned towards the toilet and theres a window right to side of the bathroom facing out siding. When I looked out side of it I saw the demon from insidious that has the red and black face, I think it was him or something else. I then began to cry and then it turned into my gmom but she had on like a scream/alien mask. She passed away last year and i know it was because she was in her scooter (she had MS), I have dreams like this often. Its always when I’m in control of what I’m doing the devil comes out what does this mean???

  2. Big Red says:

    heyy my fist projection was wicked i instructed myselfe to walk dow my hallway into my living room, when it occured i was half way through the room and a flash of a figure stoped in front of me. it was me with an evil smile and befor i knew it i was back in my body but i felt upside down and i cept my eyes closed till i felt normal then got up. i have not done it sence. wonderin if that means any thing befor i do it again

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Big Red,

      It sounds perhaps like there is a part of yourself with some dark intentions. I would recommend purification and protection rituals before projecting again.

      Happy Dreaming!

  3. Derrick says:

    OK I just ap and soon as I did I got attacked this thing was pulling me out by my arm and head like it felt he was trying to tear my head off literally but I let him pull me out my body and we actually got into a full brawl until something started to touch my actual feet in my bedroom all I known is I woke up to the door slamming not the bed room the front door any explanations not joking on this what do I do next if it happens again

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Derrick,

      I would recommend doing a protective meditation before bed – visualizing yourself surrounded by a shield of diamond or wood or whatever material feels best to you. Chamomile tea before bed may also be beneficial.

      All the best

  4. danielle says:

    hello :) okay i need some guidance.i am a supernatural horror movie fanatatic but in turn i scare myself to the point where i am 21 and i either need to sleep with someone or sing myself to sleep. i strongly believe in spiritual relms but am terrified of being harmed by evil. i am excited to start my astral projection journey but as stated above i am terrified of what i see. every house i have ever lived in i have not exactly been able to sleep alone because i feel an evil pressence and have played with a ouija board when i was 13. i understand i should focus on a light aura, meditate and surround myself with peacefulness but i am still terrified. please tell me what i can do to take extra precautions to stay safe?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Danielle,

      I would recommend cutting down on the horror movies, to start with. They will create thought patterns in your mind that will lead to fear of evil. Perhaps try exposing yourself to positively-oriented media (happy movies, peaceful instrumental music, etc.) Sprinkling salt around the outside of the house is also said to be beneficial in warding off evil.

      Happy Dreaming!

    • jack presnull says:

      Your spirit leaves your body already you just don’t remember it.
      So your afraid of with you will remember?

  5. lolollo says:

    whats the easiest method to astral travel ?
    can someone tell me pleeze …
    i really wanna do this ….

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Lolollo,

      Perhaps this article will be of assistance. :)

      Happy Dreaming!

    • Derrick says:

      OK first off do it while you go to bed and this is how I tell if i did if you woke up tired like literally didn’t get no sleep means you just did I never noticed this but I must of been doing this for awhile Cus my body actually goes in that state of mind quick

    • brandon says:

      practice meditation. after you can turn off your mind you will be able to. i learned about this while meditating. when i’d do this people would mess with me. i found that i have as much control as they do.

  6. lolollo says:

    its very difficult for me to astral travel because i get high all the time….
    does that affect the astral projection proccess?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Lolollo,

      Consuming the same plant medicine every day may alter your consciousness and prevent dreaming. I’ve heard others express this difficulty. Maybe give it a rest and see what happens to your dreams.

      Happy Dreaming!

    • daw says:

      hi there i myself smoke and i usually just take a month long break and boom im back too waking up with sleep paralysis wich for me is my method while i havnt fully projected due to a dark presence that im not sure of i have pulled my astral arms out. the figure could be a guide or a demon idk last night i kept hearing my dog outside and was about to run outside while i was paralyze but i realized this might be a demon tricking me into projecting. when i was young i invited them as a joke….

  7. Cheyenne says:

    Hi, I haven’t tried this yet but I’ve read that when you’re out of body, your physical body is sleeping and is considered a “casing” that houses your spirit. And while you’re out of body, you leave your body open and subject to another wandering demon or evil entity that can just come in and take over. I’m scared to try it because I don’t want any evil coming to my body. Will evil entities come and take over my body??? And I won’t be able to return to my body?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Cheyenne,

      It is important to feel safe and protected before attempting astral projection. I suggest learning about meditation visualization techniques that offer protection. That way, your body will be protected even while your spirit is elsewhere.

      Happy Dreaming!

  8. apache says:

    Hi I uhh just astral projected for the first time I felt it happening and got scared and truer to sit up to stop it and when I sat up I came out of my body turned around and seen my actual body still asleep so I started getting up and an old man whispered to me as if he was trying to be secretive he said “leave.. leave now they will kill you they will kill you leave”. I layed right back into my body for a second it felt like my body and soul wouldn’t fit together so i open my eyes up for a second and seen a closet very dark and felt something inside there then I woke up 5 in the mourning I just have been able to sleep right since what in the hell can that meen haha I’m very native I talked to my dad he said sometimes I mess with things I’m not supposed too….

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Apache Bear,

      That sounds like a frightening experience. Perhaps there are some ways for you to feel protected before going to sleep, such as visualizing yourself surrounded by a protective shield (whatever feels best). Perhaps your family has some advice about other ways to protect yourself in dreaming. :)

      Happy Dreams!

  9. daniiii says:

    hola,tengo 14 años y esto me paso en la noche.. espero que me puedan ayudar tengo miedo no fue una simple pesadilla yo lo sentí.. salí de mi cuerpo en espíritu (desdoblamiento) de verdad me asuste al ver mi cuerpo ahy inerte y veía exactamente asta mi celular q lo tenia al lado aun podía yo sentir mi cuerpo como respiraba a la ves yo le decía q se levantase sentía como algo lo jalaba y como si alguien me apretara.. al intentar mi espíritu volver a mi cuerpo unoc niños con cara demoniaca me jalaban y gritaban no podia moverme y como aun sentia mi cuerpo fisico senti q algo entro ahy y no era mi espiritu al entrar eso yo corri los niños me soltaron … como dije antes no fue una pesadilla.. estuve buscando en otras paginas y hasta ahora no encontre respuesta

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hola, esta pasadilla es normal en algunos niños, no tengas miedo porque sentiste y pudiste ver otra realidad es el don de poder experimentar el mundo espiritual, al contrario tienes que estar consciente y fuerte, pero te recomiendo que limpies tu espacio puedes usar incienso o sahumerios de salvia(sage) pasa por tu habitación, debajo tu cama y pásalo por tu cuerpo, hazlo con la ayuda de tu madre y si es posible que te prepare un baño de ruda o rue, todo esto es para que limpies y purifiques por lo que vistes las caras diabólicas de los niños, todo estará bien conéctate con lo divino.

  10. real says:

    Tonight I will travel again my wife is asleep and so are the kids I was falling asleep myself planning for a lucid dream tonight but started gloating out of my body as soon as I closed my eyes my wife woke me by accident touching my arm I think it jacked with my flow…

  11. JessicaO says:

    I remember being 6, laying at the edge of my bed and feeling the presence of ‘beings’ surrounding me. As scared as I was I could not scream or move. I layed there watching them as they were watching me. I felt asleep yet awake at the same time. Upon doing some research I learned it was a form of sleep paralysis. Is this also a form of astral projection? Also more recently I awoke in the middle of the night with a ‘jolt’ almost like I had been bounced but not touched. I can often recall dreams in exact detail. I’ve also had dreams where I thought I was awake, but had the dream playing out in front of me. Like I could see my room and the dream at the same time. Always waking with the same jolt. Please help, I’m not sure where to look for answers. I’d almost prefer that I was simply crazy and could be medicated to get rid of any issues.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Jessica,

      From what I understand, sleep paralysis is not exactly astral projection, but it does have a similar element of being detached from the body.

      Perhaps learning to become lucid in dreams (by using reality checks and so forth) will be helpful. Once you feel a sense of being able to control the dream state, it may become less frightening.

      Happy dreaming!

    • Garret says:

      Don’t medicate yourself with prescription drugs. At least that is my opinion. Do what you will, but try to explore your dream states and control your astral self to overcome the fear of seeing these other beings. They are real, and some mean you well and some mean you harm. Learn to bypass the harmers, and travel to higher planes of consciousness within the astral plane. Prescription drugs will just repress everything and have many side-effects. Fear is a powerful emotion and very influential when you begin projecting, do not let it take a hold of you. I am still dealing with my own forms of fear, or chickening out when projecting.

      • JessicaO says:

        Oh, I did not mean literally. I personally feel no reason to take perscription drugs to medicate anything. Unless absolutely nessicary. I just said I’d almost prefer I was simply crazy as it’d be a lot easier to explain. I really don’t have anyone close to talk to about these issues. But yes, I’ve felt the jolt, the tingling, vibrations. Even stranger, my daughter is going through the same thing. A month ago she complained to me that her bed was vibrating and that sometimes when she ‘wakes up’ she can’t move or talk. There are so many conflicting opinions out there. It’s hard to know what it really could be sometimes.

  12. real says:

    Today 1:12pm central standard traveled at will for the first time laid back in bed covered my eyes so I would not be disturbed by light controlled my breathing repeated in my mind to let go started feeling the vibrations my body started spinning faster and faster like a merry go round and then release im floating…..

    • Jessica Owl says:

      I have felt this as well. Almost similar to “spinning” within my own self. Very odd sensation but neat none the less.

  13. Not saying name says:

    And I also want to know the best way to actually astral travel

  14. Not saying name says:

    Hi, me again, there’s just 2 more things I would like to know, the first is, how do I know if my ‘spirit guide’ is real or talking to me but masquerading as a spirit and really is a demon, and how vulnerable are you when you’re out your body? Because (I’m not sure if this is true) I heard that the spirit that exits your body is just a copy and your body is basically protected from them all. Are these things true?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      In terms of your spirit guide – just trust your instincts. Do you feel afraid and nervous? Or safe and comfortable? Your body and emotions will let you know whether you are speaking with a guide or a trickster.

      Your body is perfectly safe when you astral project, although it is good to create protections before attempting dream work to protect your psyche. :)

      The best way to astral project is to start to learn vivid and lucid dreaming techniques. Start with keeping a dream journal and meditating before bed. Once you learn to lucid dream, astral project is a natural next step!

      Happy dreaming!

      • Hannah says:

        Hello I just wanted to share my experience and see if any experienced astral travelers can validate it. I have recently been working on opening my pineal gland. I have always been more instinctive and sensitive to energies than normal people and I am now starting to realize how it has been growing. I have been meditating alot and opening my chakras. Last night I listening to binaural beats to initiate lucid dreaming for the first time. I realized I was lucid dreaming the whole night, I felt as if I was awake but when I questioned whether or not I was sleeping I realized I was in a dream.
        I visited my mom in her room in my dream and saw glowing stars on the ceiling, but was then sucked back into my body. Today I decided to do a chakra relaxation meditation to binaural beats to lead into an astral experience for the first time. It was surreal!! Soon enough my body started to tingle twitch vibrate and felt all my muscles tighten and then I relaxed myself and felt lighter and tried to imagine myself leaving the body, I
        Was then yanked out of my body and that sensation caused me to get back into my body a second later and wake up. I was so close!! But I think it was a good start for my first time. I’m only 17 and a beginner in my spiritual journey so any tips will be awesome!

      • Hannah says:

        Wow ok so I’m back and freaked out. I went into this astral meditation first cleansing my chakras to relax me and make me positive, I pictured myself in a white aura to protect me and then began trying to astral project…
        I then became engulfed in this creepy black abyss with what looked like evil things flying around and my heart started beating fast and I got really scared and I started trying to imagine a white light and only attract positive but it all faded and now just really freaked out and although I am trying not to be influenced by my prior religion of Christianity I still don’t want to mess with evil and I feel like that was a sin. Is astral projecting occult or witch craft? It says in the bible do not communicate with spirits

        • dr3amh3rbs says:

          Hannah, I don’t consider astral projection to be fundamentally ‘occult’ in nature. It is simply a tool which can be used for good or not so good.

          It sounds like you are having a difficult time when projecting. Perhaps before you continue to work on astral projection, it will be beneficial for you to learn to focus your mind through a practice such as mindfulness meditation. That may make the creation of positive energy in the astral state easier in future. :)

          Happy dreaming!

        • real says:

          You are to young to do this…and you must hold on to your Christianity in order to be safe…i am 35 I cannot control my gift sometimes it took me along time figure out what it was and the powers that come with it and the dangers…please be careful…i cannot stress this to you…it is real very real…the man U see the dark figure with purple aura is real he is sitting on you so U want leave ur body to protect you not harm U when ur loosing ur breathe that’s when ur about to cross…if you don’t know if you have crossed look in ur mirror your reflection will not look at you unless commanded by you…but when U cross ur immortal soul is in danger you will bring back something or leave something if ur not careful…im not crazy…i brought back some good things the power of influence and mind control…but I also brought back demons and evil spirits in return to poison the immortal world….i an a person of high authority…ive fought in wars led men I am a father of 4 happily married in church and still a leader of men…my young one this is real…this is dangerous…

      • chyna says:

        Sleep paralysis happens to me when I over sleep. If I lay in the bed al day. J would go into sleep paralysis

  15. Not saying name says:

    Hi, I’ve been really scared lately, I feel constantly watched after I’ve found out about astral travelling, I’ve tried talking to a spirit through writing, I felt a few responses but I don’t know if it was just my mind lying to myself, and I don’t feel like I’m safe astral travelling because well, I’m gay and me and my boyfriend have gone through a break up, and my friend who is a satanist asked me if I wanted him to put a curse on him, I was really sad and mad but I said yes, now I feel as if demons will be very very attracted to me, I don’t feel safe, what do I do??? I have an amethyst and a cedar necklace, will I be safe if I try? By the way my email is fake because I’m young still live with my mum and haven’t been bothered to make an email and I don’t want her knowing I’m gay.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Something 😉

      It sounds like you’re going through some difficult things right now. As long as you don’t feel safe astral traveling, don’t try to astral travel. Rather, spend some time learning to protect and care for yourself. The necklace will help – amethyst and cedar will protect you from many negative forces. I also recommend creating a psychic shield. I like to use a cloak of violet and gold flames, which protect me from negativity. Whenever I feel frightened, or as if there are dark spirits around, I meditate for five minutes and visualize this cloak around me, keeping all negative influences from touching me. You are welcome to try that visualization, or come up with your own – something that makes you feel safe and protected.

      Even if you feel you made a mistake cursing your ex boyfriend, since you understand that you did so out of hurt and anger, you can always reverse the curse simply by creating a feeling of forgiveness and letting go for him, understanding that he also must have many difficulties to deal with. Being young and gay can be very hard, especially when you don’t feel you can tell your parents. Have compassion for him, and for yourself, too. Things will get better, and you will be safe. :)

      Sending light and love!

  16. Garret says:

    Wow. Nevermind. I felt the difference this morning. It was before I was traveling with my spirit guide. This time its alone. Didn’t quite have the courage to actually leave my body entirely. But I felt how, and that it was possible for me. I’m a little scared. But I know I need to face my fears and protect myself with my good warm spirirt. But, maybe not at this time.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hmm, interesting. Definitely be sure to protect yourself before projecting! If your instincts are telling you not to travel at this time, its best to respect that.

      Safe travels!

  17. Garret says:

    I have been a lucid dreamer since childhood, but recently my ability has become more intense. When I was young I once felt the out of body astral projection beginning stages when I awoke in my bed and a white orb approached me and filled my mind with thoughts of love, and that the horrible things of the world, war, cancer, ect. were all distractions and then it warned me to watch out for those as it reference a muddier orange and brown orb floating on the other side of room. That was 20 years ago. Since then I have been lucid dreaming but have never seen my body in my room. However when I am in state of dreaming and I begin to become lucid I will look toward the stars and begin to fly towards them and there is a surge of vibration that overwhelms me. I will see the most incredible space images from a distant view, i.e. orbit of a different planet or star system. I have played sports and games with others from different places I have been. I have flown into the most beautiful city that was surrounded by water and made of stone and only lit with the glows of orange torches, or fires. So moving on. I have two questions: First is it possible to astral project from your lucid state without seeing your body, or actually starting your travel from your room? And the other is, Today when I was taking a quick nap, best time for lucids. I began to feel that surge of vibration again and soar towards the stars, it sometimes takes the shape of a wormhole as well, or a spiral of lights spinning directly into the center of my forehead, then as I was increasing the vibration the clouds took a shape of an old mans face, kind of tree like, and said in a deeper tone “Are you traveling to the starts again” and before I could answer it said “Don’t! or you’ll become quite dependent of it”. What the hell was that? Scared me. It didn’t feel harmful but rather a paternal warning. But was it trying to prevent me from experienceing the astral world for maliscious reasons. Just wondering if you had any insight into that experience as well as my first question I posed. Again sorry for the length.

    -One Love, Garret

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hi Garret!

      Thank you for your tale :) Very interesting, as I have also been to a city made of stone, lit by fire, and surrounded by water in my dream travels.

      As for your first question – yes, it is possible. I have also never seen my body when astral projecting. I imagine this has something to do with individual preference/capacity, and I don’t personally feel that one method is ‘better’ than the other.

      In terms of your recent dream, it doesn’t sound malicious. Perhaps what the old man was warning you about was the tendency that we as a society have to abandon the physical, practical realms and the benefit to be done here in exchange for escape to the astral realms. This can be dangerous, as it is essential to have a balance between both to be truly effective in either. Does that sound possible?

      Happy dreaming!

  18. Ivala says:

    Hi. We are the creators of our own reality at all times, no matter how beautiful or terrible it is. Nothing can harm you during a projection unless you allow it to – through your own unconscious negative beliefs. The key is to uncover your fears surrounding astral travel and replace them with positive beliefs. When you realize you are the Creator no harm can befall you. I recommend the book “The Secret of the Soul” by William Buhlman. It can be gotten free on the internet. It contains everything you need to know to begin enjoying totally safe, wonderful OBE’s tonight! Love and Peace

  19. Josh530 says:

    Hey guys.
    Im new to astral projection although ive naturally had lucid dreams since childhood. Ive been keeping a dream log to keep more in touch with my subconscious and its been working. Ive naturally gotten into the vibrational state now three times. The second time i pulled my arms out and woke up. The third time I rolled right out and floated upward into what I believe a lower plane of the astral realm. Everything was black (others describe this as 3D blackness) and i had white/gray faces that resembled a negative entity (felt their negativity as well). I tried my hardest to remain neutral and allow the experience to guide itself, although I became overrun with anxiety due to the feeling of complete awareness of separation from my physical body. I then remembered all I had to do is meditate on going back to my body and it worked. Since then I have had INSANE dreams. Its like my mental “bandwidth” has been increased and I now process thousands of thoughts/emotions all at once. It seemed as if thousands of voices were trying to influence my main thoughts. This has been extremely discouraging as I am very interested in AP. Ive taken a good deal of psychedelics and feel as if I can block out negative influences fairly easy. I am timid to try AP again. If I do, how can I project myself to a higher level where I can interact with positive beings? I am a Christian (not religious, spiritual) I do not agree with nor follow the modern church. I am afraid that this newly found interest could lead me into dealing with demonic (negative) beings in the physical or even worse schizophrenia. How can I keep my AP experiences positive and geared toward spiritual enlightenment?

    Thank you to whoever answers this.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Josh,

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a difficult time. It sounds as if creating a grounding ritual and a shielding ritual will be valuable for you. Before bed, visualize yourself surrounded by whatever feels most appropriate (colored flames, vines, gemstones, etc.). Then visualize a line of energy connecting your root chakra to the center of the earth. Hold this visualization for some time before attempting to project. When you experience these negative energies, become aware of your shield and grounding ‘tether’. :)

      Hope this helps!!

  20. matt says:

    Hi i have a friend who astral travels. He told me he’s visited the lower plain and the moon. This has peaked my intrest because i’ve known him for most of my life, so I know he’s not the type to make stuff up for attention. I want to experince astral projection first hand and on his advice im learning to lucid dream. But i think i may have already done it once as a child. I was 3 maybe 4 at the time but its the most vived memory i have from my childhood. I was in my bed and sat up as i felt a presence in the room with me. It was almost pitch black in my room and accoss from my bed i saw a silhouette of someone. the figure was darker then the darkness of the room. the blackest black you could imagine and it had gloing yellow eyes. i tried to hide under my blanket but the eyes were still there shining through like the blanket wasent even there. i screamed for help and i woke instantly. After that i slept with the light on until i was a teen. has anyone herd or hed such an experince?

  21. Monique says:

    I have been astral traveling since the age of 3 and I am now 33. During my travels I have learned a lot about who I was in my past life. Last night while astral traveling, I have learned that my youngest child which is 6 is able to astral travel. I learned this because she appeared while I was on my travel and and addressed some things with me that apparently I have been over looking. My 6 year old is far beyond her years as far as her math, conversation, and vocabulary are concerned. Her ability to astral project, is why I now see that it is hard for me to wake her up sometimes. I had no clue that the youngest of my 4 children had this ability. I was born spiritually gifted, which were gifts passed down through my bloodline. Now that I am aware that she is astral travelling, I will be teaching her precautions to take, and I will be traveling with her for the next week to show and teach her about the things that I feel is is necessary for her know so that she will be safe on all her travels. Evil spirits can try to harm you while you are on your travels, and upon waking you can feel the pain of the harm they have tried to inflict on you. You would be sore in some areas of your body for 2 – 3 days if an attack tried to take place. It is very, very important to place a protective shield around yourself prior to attempting to astral travel. Knowing and reaching your Higher Self will also aid with the strength and amount of your protection.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Monique, thank you for your comment and excellent advice. I’m happy to hear that your daughter will have you to guide her on her adventures!

      Happy dreaming!

    • Will Fletcher says:

      Last night for the first time i had a lucid dream, i have been affected by sleep paralysis all my life, and last night it was scaring the shit out of me so i did some research online about it, and lo and behold i taught myself how to project out of my body, now the cool thing is while i was in this OBE i saw my dog trying to get out of my room, and when i snapped back into my body i opened my eyes to see that he was still trying to get out, so i think it is certainly connected to the real world somehow, now my question for you, since you said you have seen your daughter in the astral planes, have you ever asked her if she had seen you as well while in this other world? like have you communicated somehow with eachother during astral projection, IF YOU COULD reply on my email i am most certainly very interested in some advice from an ASTRAL VETERAN. (Mlb_pro9@yahoo.com) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

      • Monique says:

        Hello Will!
        I actually asked my daughter about it the next morning. She told me that she did see me and she actually remembered word for word what she had said to me. It appears that you can definitely communicate while you are on your astral travels.

  22. Peter says:

    Since this angel event, which scared me, it since only happened 1x, this is from last year and it had been a 20 year gap since the scarey event, oddly enough, in this new event my daughter was leading me by the hand… This worried me after that it may not have been my event…she was 4… Did she instigate this? Can you draw a person in?
    Anyway here is the backround- growing up we were 3 families living together.. The one uncle died young when i was young, he was central in my first such ‘astral experience’ he was in it, told me not to be afraid and that these things you see are for guidance… In recent times the second uncle died, then my father died…
    My daughter never met any of them and i didnt even know much about the first uncle who died…so, in this event my daughter is leading me by the hand and we approach the picknick table outside the old house, my father and uncle facing us are smiling, the uncle who died young had his back to me, turned smiling and said its been a long time, he took my daughter on his shoulders… Then after a short greeting handed her back and said its time for you both to go back…two things are extremely odd to me…
    #1 i told my eldest cousin who now lives overseas and she said how did you know that uncle put us older kids on his back…you didnt know him…he died when u were young…
    #2 my daughter and i happened to drive by the old house one time together, my cousin still owns it, a tenant has a newer picknick table in front and she at 5 now asked ‘didnt it used to by on the other side of the house?’ its 40 yrs before her birth, there is no picture depicting this scene, this sends shivers up my spine…
    Anyway… I dont know exactly what happened but if you avoid the scarey stuff its quite an experience…
    Id be interested to know if someone can draw in a second person into their experience… It was different than any other time i know i didnt instigate it…

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Peter,

      Wow, what an amazing experience! Although Western science has no proof of people being able to communicate and experience things together through dreams, indigenous wisdom tells us that this sort of experience is indeed possible. In many cultures, dreams are a space in which one may communicate with ancestors, ask them questions, and receive advice. It sounds as if this is happening with you and your daughter in a powerful way. Very beautiful, if you ask me! :)

      Happy dreaming!

  23. Peter says:

    I experienced this often up to about age 20… Its quite real and can be very exciting or very dangerous…
    In my last experience i saw all the good angels airborn dressed in armor for war…all of them! And 1 really bad one…i avoid repeating his name…i was in a spiritual like church setting with an axe trying to kill this bad one…he turned on me, i was frozen in flames, then one of the angels with a ribbon and the name micheal in greek on it floated down and was looking in my eyes and thought to me that ‘he is trying to decieve you, dont attack in the house of God’ i understood and he smiled…the flames were gone and the bad one was now like an old weak man and he said ,’you chose wisely… But dont come back, because now i know your name’
    I woke up drenched in sweat…so scared…his warning that i chose wisely but now he knows me scared me so much that it sends chills up my spine!

  24. liam says:

    Okay like I just watched insidious the other day nd it intrigued me to try astral projection. Ii have had no experience in the supernatural but I would really like to do it but the hard part is that I cannot get out of my physical body do u have any advice nd I’m 14 years old

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Liam,

      Well, your 14, so the good news is you have plenty of time to practice! I recommend beginning by trying to remember your dreams more often. Create a dream journal and write your dreams down every morning. You can also try to remember to use reality checks when you are dreaming. Once you are able to remember your dreams and become lucid in them, you will be ready to consider astral projection. :)

  25. Anthony says:

    Hello, I saw the movie insidious last night. And that lead me to my curiously of astral projection. I am not curious in astral projecting myself but I am curious about the dangers and demons. Like the evil spirits and what they can do to you and what they look like, also which ones are highly dangerous. I read a comment about someone recommending the movie insidious to you and I recommend it because it is a good movie. I am 13 and also curious if you think that I may have astral projected before. Thank you for your time! :)

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Thanks for weighing in Anthony. Exploring such topics at thirteen? Oh the places you’ll go…
      What can the evil spirits/demons do and what do they look like? Not an easy question to answer, Anthony.
      First, what can they do? Simply put-nothing as long as you don’t engage them. If however you decide to engage with a demon, all bets are off. Creatures from other planes are not constrained by the laws of our reality. What I mean is, they have abilities we could only imagine. My advice-don’t engage.
      What do they Look like? Again-a tough one. They can appear as almost anything, but you will have some idea of their intentions. It could be an aura, it might be you just can’t focus on them-maybe a feeling. If you find yourself in this situation, listen to your gut.
      Hope this helps Anthony :) Happy dreaming!

  26. Yomas says:

    If you think it might not be safe, then it is not safe. Do not Astral Project. Ever, anyone.

    We are here to live this life, so live THIS life.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:


      While I think that astral projection work can be beneficial in terms of mind training, you make an excellent point. If you have to ask yourself if something like astral projection is safe, it is likely not safe for you at this time. Something to keep in mind, for sure.

  27. Lee says:

    Hi there,am mostly scared every I start leaving my body,astrals just happen to me,many times when I try to wake up in my sleep I found myself leaving the body,I tries to switch on the lights wen am in astral but can’t,at one point I’ve felt dark forces going around me,like dragons and my body start floating i got scared I had 2 pray 2 get back.I’ve seen my physical body many times and am trying all the time to avoid that state but am failing.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Lee,

      You may want to consider creating a shield for yourself before you go to bed. Simply visualize yourself surrounded by brilliant white flames (or whatever color you like) as you fall asleep. This may assist you in feeling safer and more protected as you begin to leave your body. If you would like to stop astral projecting, you may want to try a calming chamomile or valerian tea before bed – these plants can offer some peace and protection in your sleep.

      Good luck!

  28. Damian says:

    I recently tryed astral projection, but it was by accademt at first. My house (more spacificly my room) is fullbof spirits of all kinds. Spirits have been atracted to me my whole life. Anyway, i was laying in bed and i had just woke up and i was still half asleep. I tryed to get up but something grabed my hand and pulled my astral body out. I really want to try it again, but im not sure if its safe. Could someone help?

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Damian,

      You may want to learn to create a psychic shield before working on astral projection. You can look up techniques online, but some easy ones include visualizing a pyramid or cloak of flames around your body that protects you from unpleasant or negative energies. Once you feel comfortable, confident, and protected in yourself, you will feel safer beginning an astral travel practice.

      All the best!

  29. caleb says:

    hello its me again!!!!!! I’m actually excited to hear you think it is and I have been wanting to try it but I need help clearing my thoughts and preparing myslef mentally to do this

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Caleb,

      Try doing reality checks during the day and taking five minutes or so to meditate and calm your mind before going to bed. These are great first steps in establishing the mental awareness necessary to astral travel at will.

      Best of luck!

  30. Tala says:


    My boyfriend passed away from suicide more than a year ago. We had misunderstanding and miscommunication. He died thinking I slept with another man that night. Truth is I was too drunk and slept at my friend’s apartment who is gay and another friend who is a girl. He tried calling me countless times, but i failed to answer and I never had the chance to talk to him when he ended his life that night. I still feel the pain of unbearable guilt. At his 1st death anniversary, I saw a missed call from his # at exactly 3am that day. Because I was never again welcome to his family, I asked my friend to investigate if somebody else was using his mobile#. I learned that it was long been inactive.

    Astral projection had not interest me as much as I do now. Mainly because, I want to discover, to know and to think that I could somehow talk to him again in another world. If I can no longer share a journey with him in this physical world, then, I am hoping I could fulfill it in his world. If he made that 3am call on the exact day of his passing, I feel that he has been watching over me and will be waiting for me as I depart my soul from this long tormented body.

    Could you please tell me if I can see and talk to him again in the astral world? And if it is possible, can you tell me how my soul can look for him in the after life?


    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Tala,

      I’m sorry to hear that you have gone through such a difficult experience. According to many ancient traditions, it is possible for you to communicate with your boyfriend in other dimensions. Although it is possible that his spirit has passed on, remnants of his suffering in life still remain, and may be connected with you. It is these energies that you will want to contact and provide love and assistance to.

      Start by visualizing your boyfriend and trying to connect with any feelings you have regarding him (Sadness, joyful memories, etc). Feel what those emotions are like in your physical body. Then, imagine giving your boyfriend, and those feelings, a big warm hug. You may want to visualize yourself there with him on the night that he took his own life, holding him close and comforting him. By doing these exercises, you may invite the part of his soul that remains with you back to heal alongside you, and to eventually release you both from the pain that you still suffer.

      Blessings. :)

  31. caleb says:

    Okay I feel as if I have astal projected twice as a young kid roughly between ages 5-7 the first account I remember clearly I felt as if I was floating above my physical body and just watching it as I floated for a short period of time but as I was watching I remember seeing myself shivering and stuff an I do remember that night was cold on the socond account I remember waking to a dark shaded figure with green eyes took me off the top bunk bed and placed me in the bed where my mother was sleeping but I remember waking up physically in the morning in my mothers bed does that rule out astral projecting on any of those accounts? And also I feel like I can control movements of the “vibrations” through my body but I describe it more as a tingling chill.

  32. sadie says:

    hello,ive never astral traveled before,its something i would like to try however i have played and accomplished the ouiji board and has had wierd stuff happen and am not sure if astal projection would be safe for me to try.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hi Sadie,

      You want to make sure you are on solid ground spiritually before you attempt astral projection. If you had disturbing encounters on the spiritual plane during use of the Ouija Board, I would be careful.

      Happy Dreaming!

  33. VeritasLuxMea says:

    One of the best protections is still salt, or salt water sprinkled around your room to expell the things that go bump in the night. While training, magickal and otherwise, will help to give you the tools to deal with these things, the simplest is still a very honest request for protection to whatever spiritual source you believe in.

  34. kiwi says:

    my mother was an astral traveler. she did it for many years, until her second to last adventure. she truly believes a malicious entity followed her back. I’ve always been able to sense precenses that were not of this plane. and a new one was definitely added to the house shortly after that night. and it was most definitely NOT arriving with flowers and chocolate. despite the combined efforts of my mother and myself, it took another astral trip from my mom to rid the house of the demon. she never would tell me how it worked, or what happened on the trip, but she never astral projected again. i don’t know whether i believe it was her adventure that night, or the fact that both of us were studying various psychic, and spiritual practices, and increasing our abilities that attracted or strengthened the demon. I’ve never fully astral traveler ( consciously, some “dreams”. I’ve had after sleep paralysis make me wonder) but the movie insidious actually made me want to look into trying again. I’ve tried, gotten to the difficulty breathing at the onset and flipped out, effectively securing myself in my physical body for the night lol. it even almost scares me how easy it seems to be for me to initate it when i choose to. and it doesn’t help that i can clearly feel a spirit nearby that seems quite anxious to “pull” me out. doesn’t seem to have ill intent, but I’m unsure, because of how insistent he is. if you have any advice, it would be appreciated.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Kiwi,

      If you find you are seriously concerned about demons or dark entities, I would recommend not working with lucid dreaming or astral projection until those fears pass. In the meantime, it may be beneficial to do some meditation or other spiritual work to increase your feeling of protection, both inside and outside of your body. Visualise a crystal clear egg surrounding you as you fall asleep which only allows positive things to come near your, for example. Or perhaps imagine that your room and home are guarded by powerful protective entities who keep negative forces at bay. Once you feel secure, the astral projection work will likely follow naturally.

  35. Katie says:

    I can naturally astral project but I fear doing so because entities and spirits are often drawn to me. I’ve heard of crystals and blessed symbols from churches can help protect your physical body while projecting. There’s a negative entity in my house my friend has recognized as a demon who has a special interest in me increasing my fear of astral projection. Are there any good books to help protect myself and my room from these entities? Preferably traditional instead of new age. I am planning a native american sage cleansing to try to rid this thing from my home.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Dear Katie,

      Amethyst and some other gem stones will definitely protect your physical body when you are astral projecting. If you have faith in a particular religion, then items or relics from a church will definitely assist as well. Sage is also a great way to go about removing negative energies, but it’s best to follow with burning some sweetgrass to bring positive spirits in to replace the old negative ones.

      I haven’t read any books on removing entities, and I’m uncomfortable recommending books I haven’t read, but I know it can help to do a ‘ransom’ ritual with negative entities. Create a bit of dough made from flour and water, and make the imprint of your right hand in it. Then offer this to the spirit, and if you can feel the spirit attaching to it, take it and throw it as far away from the house as you can. This is a very ancient Tibetan method that I have found effective. It is usually best to let the spirit know that you want only the best for it, but that it will be better of if it leaves. :) Best of luck! Come back and let me know if you have any more questions!

  36. Marcos says:

    So if i wanted to i could go across the world in astral form by just thinking about it?? And if i feel like im in danger just think of my body and i will pop back in it? Also i feel like ive encountered astral form as a young child *around 7-9 years old* however these journeys/ dreams were never fun at all. Especially they always took place in the area where i fell asleep. Like i remember as a kid falling asleep and what seemed like i had to use the bathroom got up and went to pee but as i entered the hallway where the bathroom was i saw a “demonic figure” atleast it was like some black being with razer like fingers and red eyes, and was immediatly frightened and then it called my name and as i tryed to run back to my bed the hallway seemed like it stretched out and i was moving very slowly and darkness was creeping around me in the hallway and i closed my eyes then woke up in my bed, heart racing, and sweating like if it was 300 degrees in the room but it was during the winter in new york!!! And if i remember correctly it was around 3:00AM!! I didnt fall asleep for the rest of that night. And its happened recently again except now i live in georgia and am 16 but i guess it hasnt happened much since ive grown it out?? Ive always believed that a demon is fed by ones fear. If you are afraid then you only give it power. Quote me on anything if im wrong.

    • dr3amh3rbs says:

      Hi Marcos!

      Thank you for the comment. I’ve not had the experience myself, but many people who work with astral travel report being able to travel to other parts of the world and return to their body at will.

      It sounds like your nightmares were not exactly astral travel – in an astral experience, you are fully aware that you are dreaming and have control over the dream state. In a nightmare like that one, it sounds like you aren’t aware that your dreaming and you don’t have any control – so maybe learning to astral travel will actually help you manage nightmares like that one! And yes, I also believe that demons are fed by fear. If you don’t fear that demon, and are able to recognize that he is just a dream and that you have control over him, he will have no power at all!

    • kaylee says:

      You should really watch insidious if you havent. the main “entity”, the one called insidious has actually been said to exist in the astral plain. not just in the movie. but it feeds off of fear like you said, has red eyes, a black body, fed face, and literally razorlike fingers(even as seen sharpening in the movie) i think i also hear or read somewhere that young children were more likely to encounter this particular entity.

    • Jason says:

      Hey Marcos! I know this is pretty late but I’ve just come across this site to see other possible dangers. When you did astral project.. did you come across any mirrors? If you didn’t know.. mirrors are gateways to lilith’s cavern. If you stare at a mirror in your spiritual state, a demon could grab you in and switch places with you, leaving you trapped in a mirror in the spiritual world while the demon takes over your body. Just telling you and anyone that reads this to watch out if you plan on continuing to astral project. Good luck and stay safe! If you are interested, look up lilith’s cavern online 😀

  37. […] and demons, or good and evil spirits, and recommend that anyone who wants to astral project take steps to protect the astral body against malevolent influences. I’ll leave the question of whether astral projection really […]

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